Top 10 Websites for Home Decorating Accessories

Exploring a variety of focused web sites suggesting tips for your home decoration is essential to find the ideal solution for your decoration and choose the accessories that suit best your tastes and exigencies. Decorating accessories give a touch of creativity and originality to the environment where you live in, and therefore the choice of the right decorating accessories for your house must be accurate. For this reason, we suggest you some interesting home decoration websites that will help you to find what you want.

1. House to Home

If you have opted for an highly innovative decoration style for your house, you can’t miss the opportunity that House to Home offers you to find a wide range of different styles of pieces of furniture and decorating accessories, from the modern to the country one including some of the most freakishly designed ones. From the wallpaper to the sofa’s cushions, this site will also offer you a range of focused home decoration tips that may suggest you which decorating accessory your house miss to be worthy to be called a real home.

Top pick: colourful innovative lamp

A decorating accessory that will add some colour and creativity to your living room or home office is the so-called Mirobolite lamp, which you will find on this website. [divider]

2. Easy Living

The home section of this website will lead you to discover the secrets of perfect house decorating. Among the variety of refurbishment ideas and decorating tips, you will also find a wide range of decorating accessories for your house. From urban to Gothic atmospheres, the decoration tips are focused according to your house decoration style. However, if your house is decorated in a plain, modern way, you will learn how to break the monotony of your home environment by adding a touch of creativity.

Top pick: adorable ceramics for your wall

We suggest you to take advantage of the current decorating fashion and hang plates to your wall. You don’t necessary have to be a fashion-victim to appreciate the charm of decorating plates. The plates we suggest you are a collection of vintage ceramic plates which will help you to improve your house decoration with their slightly eccentric style. They also perfectly suit an old-fashion environment. [divider]


This website contains a very useful home section providing some smart tips for your house decoration. The ideas that you can find there are specifically targeted according to the dimension and other features of your house environment to make you enjoy at best your home. The aim is in fact to sugget you some stylish and functional ways to decorate your house. The many interesting advices about decorating accessories that you will find there play an important role in this.

Top pick: Modern patterned cushion

The lively but not excessively bold colours of this kind of cushion make it perfectly suitable to add light in a living room decorated in dark colours. A patterned fancy cushion like this one is also a good solution to balance out the flatness of the furniture. [divider]

4. Look4design

Whether you are looking for a door or a set of pots, look4design will provide you with a list of several items for each of your exigencies. You will also find interesting to visit the “Interior design exhibitions” and find out interior designers’ websites where you will get the right advice for your house decoration.

Top pick: glamourous carpet for a creative living room

In the section dedicated to carpets and rugs you can find a very glamorous Indian wool rug combining the eccentricity of huge black floral patterns in a striking contrast with the white background and the classical style conjured up by the floral motive. [divider]

5. Period Living

If you need meticulous tips for your home decoration, you should visit this site. Decorating ideas are not only based on the various decorating styles but also on the specific features of home accessories from textures to colours . Through your research of the perfect decorating accessory, you will take advantage of the accuracy of the advices given in this site.

Top pick: shabby chic bedside table

This bedside table, with its distressed appearance and elegant shape is perfect to give a touch of french vintage to your bedroom. If you love shabby chic decoration style, it is one of the ideal accessories for your bedroom.[divider]

6. House Decor Ltd

In this site too you can find some interesting decorating items, first of all textiles and wallpapers, all meticulously classified according to their peculiar features, among which the texture and colour, but also the utility of the item.

Top pick: fancy curtain for a lively kitchen

The fancy patterned curtain we suggest is a good way to make your kitchen more lively. The colours of the pattern ranging from green to red make it also suitable for a modern kitchen decorated in warm colours.[divider]

7. Made in Design

Here is a complete guide to decorate your house in an original and functional way. Thumbing through the wide catalogue of interesting decoration accessories in this site, you will come across with a wide range of highly creative and functional house accessories.

Top pick: freakish letter organizer

The combination of tidiness and creativity is perfectly embodied by this freakish letter organizer. Its design make it suitable for a young decorating style.[divider]

8. Stylishlife

In this site it is possible to find almost every accessory for each room of your house, from baskets to hangers and door stops, all combining functionality with a strong dose of creativity. Also, this is one of the few home decoration sites suggesting desk accessories for your home office or study room.

Top pick: industrial wire baskets

These are baskets of all sizes (large, medium and small), useful to contain a range of different household items ranging from towels to soap. They can be used both in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In any case, they will bring to your house the subtle charm of vintage industrial wires.[divider]

9. Urban Outfitters

This specifically targeted website addresses to all those who are searching for a piece of furniture or decoration accessory to perfectly fit their urban-style house environment. The style of the decoration accessories range from vintage to folksy and all of them are characterized by the unmistakable features of highly innovative decoration accessories.

Top pick: folksy blanket

Whether you need a blanket to suits the original style of your room or you need to add some colour and creativity to your modern bedroom, this cotton, colourful blanket is the accessory that best matches your needs.[divider]

10. Graham and Green

The variety of the decoration accessories contained in the website‘s catalogue perfectly matches the needs of those who are in search for functional and original decoration accessories. They are also very useful to personalize your house environment according to your peculiar decoration tastes.

Top pick: Gothic style candelabra

The sinuous shape of this silver candelabra and the floral applications on it make it suitable to give a touch of elegance and eccentricity to a classically decorated house environment in a Gothic fashion.