Tips for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets have been pretty plain in terms of design. They usually feature wood grain such as walnut or pine, and possibly painted white or black if they are more modern in style. There is nothing wrong with that – often these designs are bright, airy and simple. However, many homeowners are looking for something a little bit different when it comes to their kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the available options when it comes to putting some creative flair into your kitchen, from splashes of color to a mixture of contrasting textures and finishes.

1. Choose Some Unexpected Color

One of the most basic, but most striking options is to introduce some unexpected color into your kitchen. This can be done by choosing a colorful finish for your modern kitchen cabinets. This does not mean having to sacrifice any of the warmth or appeal of natural wood thanks to the availability of contemporary wood veneers such as Salsawood with it’s red and green hues and Lapiswood with its distinctive blue tones. Alternatively, you could team high gloss white or black cabinets with vibrant paint on the walls to introduce color to the room. There are now kitchen appliances available in a wide range of colors as well, helping you to co-ordinate your décor.

2. Mix Your Cabinet Finishes

Mixing the finishes used in your cabinetry can make a large impact on the overall look of your kitchen. This can be achieved by using a combination of stark solid color, such as a high gloss white cabinet finish and a natural wood grain. This is most effective when done in a light and dark combination as the striking contrast becomes much more apparent. With the wide range of finishes available in modern kitchen cabinets today, this is easily achieved..

3. Choose Glass Cabinet Doors

With glass fronted cabinetry, the contents take center stage so this look is perhaps not one for the hoarders out there! However, glass is a thoroughly modern look when it comes to kitchen cabinets and can help you to achieve a really contemporary feel in the home. These can be combined with a wood grain finish to create a sleek and stylish finish.

4. Make Use of Pattern and Texture

One of the current trends when it comes to modern kitchen cabinets, is to incorporate texture and pattern. How about a safari themed kitchen, with some safari style wood veneer in striking black and white to really make your kitchen eye catching? Alternatively, if you want something that is not quite so bold, you could opt for a patterned wood grain such as zebrawood to offer a more subtle option.