A Few Tips on Decorating a Living Room

yellow contemporary living room

The living room is, in many ways, the most important room in a house. The way you keep your living room will be the first impression your guests get about what kind of people you are. So, while the kind of furniture and fittings you use is and should be a matter of your personal taste, there are certain rules or general guidelines I would follow.

Striking A Balance With Style

One of the things I would be careful about would be to not go too over the top. It is important to remember that you are decorating your living room and not a museum or art gallery. It should also not look like a hotel lounge or anything of that sort. The living room should be a comfortable place and it requires a fine balancing act to keep it that way while also maintaining an air of formality in it without making it go over the top.

Minimalism is the modern way and a décor that reflects this is sure to make a good impression on your visitors. It’s important not to overwhelm people’s eyes with too many very bright colours, neither on walls nor on furniture. However, you don’t want the living room to be too dull and colourless either, so it’s another balancing act that you have to get right.

Adding Paintings To Walls

Having a couple of good paintings put up on the walls will always add a touch of class to the living room. However, it’s not advisable to cram your walls with paintings as I have seen too often in people’s houses. As mentioned before, we’re dealing with a living room here, not an art gallery, and too many paintings can be a put off. To make the living room more interesting you can even display your collection of shot glasses, if you have one, or small curios.

The key here is in how you display these items. There are a couple of different ways in which you can do this well. If you have a collection of small and interesting curios, you can keep them scattered around the living room on top of side tables or on mantels. Or you can display them in specially designed curio cabinets, which are made to make the curios look good. The best way to display a shot glass collection is in a shot glass display case.

Including A Television?

A lot of people like to have a television in the living room. I’m not one of those people. With the pace of life getting quicker and things like smartphones and internet keeping people occupied even during their free time, quality, face to face human interaction occurs less and less frequently. At least the living room of your house should provide a space for that to happen. If you have a TV in the living room, people will again talk less and look at the TV more. The living room should be where the family can sit together and just talk, leaving all other distractions aside.

This article was contributed by Jenny Fields. She is a regular author at EMicrowaveCart.com providing unique tips for livening up homes and kitchens with decorating advice.