Full Refurbishment of a Living Room

yellow contemporary living room

This little gallery of home refurbishment images can help give a little inspiration for your own living room refurbishment. Though lavish or expensive looking, much of the effect in these different refurbishments can be accomplished in a room of any size.

beije classic luxury living room

The “sunk” ceilings in the image above work wonders for a home with high ceilings. This style of ceiling is quite easily accomplished with false beams created from plasterboard (they are hollow). Spot lights in the ceiling are best used with dimmer switches and the contrast of the painting and decorating gives the room depth. Consider adding a bit of cherry wood panels like shown here to add some extra colour to the room and a large asian rug will make it feel cosy and warm.

Black and White living room

Thinking of a modern refurbishment? The trick in this is to create drastic contrast. Using black interior tiles (popular 1×1 metre tiles look best) and dark wood contrasted with a bright splash of paint. Contemporary refurbishment styles are easily achieved.

modern gray living room

This is another great example of a contemporary living room. As you can see the exposed brick was simply covered with a durable paint by the painters and decorators (so no peeling or chipping) and again, the floors are tiles. You can posh it up with some trendy looking furniture to give a great effect.

modern white living room

This living room refurbishment is a style we appreciate and is probably one of the most popular looks in London. The painters and decorators have gone with a single colour on the walls. If you notice the walls have blinds and bespoke blind boxes have been placed over the blind rollers so they are no longer and eyesore. Wood floors throughout make it feel fresh but warm.

yellow contemporary living room

This very Summery living room is quite standard. The floors would do best with underfloor heating (for cold periods) and you can see that the painters and decorators used a single white colour for the walls. Engineered wood flooring can be installed like this at low cost and the rest is up to you!


Home Refurbishment London by Decorwise

Decorwise Ltd provides home refurbishment in London like the works you see above. Utilizing multiple crafts and tradesmen including painters and decorators in London, carpenters and electricians, we are able to create through our home refurbishment services, any living design you require and the finish you have envisioned.