Summer Decorating Ideas

You might be looking for ideas on how to bring some summer freshness into your home. There are some easy decorating tips which can help anyone shake their dull winter blues by bringing in the refreshing colors of summer.

 Flowers Brighten Any Room

You can easily add color to any room in your home by creating a decorating summerfloral arrangement using summer flowers. This arrangement can be made as a table centerpiece to lighten up the atmosphere inside your kitchen. Choosing bouquets of fresh cut flowers in assorted colors of pink, yellow, lilac and white will bring the outdoor freshness of summer into your home. Flowers can be placed in a light colored vase or arranged inside a natural wicker basket.

Flowers can also be brought into a room as prints on fabrics. There are a number of colorful throw pillows you can use to enhance the summer feel of your rooms. These pillows can be placed on sofas, armchairs and beds. Choosing pillows made with bright colors for the background and bold floral prints for the foreground will add splashes of summer to the rooms they are used in.

 Curtains and Rugs

Changing the curtains in a room will also change the atmosphere from dark to light. Using thinner fabrics such as white cotton curtains or semi-sheer drapes will increase the amount of light entering the room. The style and color of the curtains can also make the room feel more like summer. White curtains with eyelet lace placed along the edges creates a light dainty feel which is usually associated with the warm weather months of spring and summer.

You can add area rugs made of natural fibers to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. These rugs can be made of natural jute, which will enhance the outdoor feel of your casual family room or kitchen. Rugs can also come with summer patterns woven into the design. Brightly colored flowers or splashes of green leaves will make a more seem more lively. Other themes often used to create summer rugs include those incorporating images of aquatic life, such as seashells or seagulls.

 Small Touches of Summer

You do not need to use large items in order to bring summer’s lighter style into your home. Creating a table setting using a flower or leaf print table cloth combined with dinnerware with ornamental leaf designs will create a relaxed outdoor feel for your meal. Tables can also be set with glasses, plates and silverware made in festive summer colors of yellow, blue and orange.

Other accent items which can be brought into your home to create a summer look, include decorative tapestries, colorful paper lanterns and chair cushions made with motifs found in nature. If your home has an outdoor deck or patio, you can also make your outdoor areas functional by adding furniture groups such as those designed for outdoor dining or conversation. You can add some summer playfulness to your natural wicker furniture by using cushions with stripes in bold colors.

Transforming your home from from the dark of winter into the light of summer is easy when you select items designed to brighten your rooms and freshen your home’s atmosphere. The fresh light feel of summer will not only brighten the rooms inside your home it will also brighten your spirit.


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