Seven of Ikea’s Best Summer Pieces

If you’re planning to re-decorate this spring, Ikea is a great place to pick up some stylish and affordable furniture. Some people are a little nervous about shopping at Ikea because the thought of having to assemble their own furniture is intimidating, but most pieces are quite easy to put together, and you would be hard pressed to find the modern and stylish designs that Ikea offers at a similar price anywhere else.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting designs in their spring 2013 catalogue:

  1. Haggas LED Pendant Lamp

This stylish LED pendant lamp is the modern-day equivalent of the chandelier.  There are glowing LEDs at the end of each arm.  LEDs use 85{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last 20 times longer too.  If you are environmentally conscious or trying to save energy, then swapping to LED lighting is a great first step.

  1. Finntorp / Djupvik Armchair with Cushion

Each one of these armchairs is handmade, so no two chairs will be exactly the same.  The chair is made of natural fibres and is lightweight, but hard wearing.  The cushion cover is 100{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} cotton.  The chair’s soft, curved shape and pale white colour make it ideal for a country-style room or patio.  It would go well in a patio with oak French doors and a HOL storage table.

  1. Nyvoll bedside table

This stylish green bedside table features a built-in drawer with an integrated damper so that it opens and closes silently.  If you need more storage space in your bedroom (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then this is a great option.  The top of the table is made of tempered glass, for a stylish modern look.  This furniture will match well with other products in the Nyvoll line, and will also work in other clean and modern bedroom settings.

  1. Applaro Sofa Combination

Breaking away from the sleek and modern look that IKEA is most known for, this luxurious sofa combination set is available in brown or beige.  It’s quite a big and chunky sofa, and it would look great in an open-plan living room or in your conservatory.  The seats can be moved around to create a sofa arrangement that will fit almost any room.

  1. IKEA Stockholm Easy Chair

Relax and unwind in this bright and cheerful easy chair.  The chair features a moulded foam cushion with a deep seat and generous back support.  There are several prints available, ranging from leaf patterns to solid white or patterned grey.

  1. Garnityr Clothes Tidy

Who says clothes tidies have to be cheap looking or boring?  This tall, narrow clothes tidy is easy to hang, practical, and attractive.  Now your winter clothes can be stowed away in style when you re-organize your wardrobe to make room for all those summer outfits.

  1. Godta Mug

Those chunky ceramic mugs that you drink your hot chocolate in are great for keeping drinks warm during the winter, but isn’t it time for a change now? Embrace the spring by treating yourself to a set of new mugs.  The Godta line is available in two colours, lilac and green, and is perfect for adding a little cheer to your kitchen and dining room.

Guest piece by Amy Fowler for UK Oak Doors: specialists in oak French Doors. Click here to find out more or here to visit their blog.