Make use of emergency sofa beds for small houses

dcleb_asfuAs living spaces continue to become more and more limited as a result of the attraction of modern life, homeowners are in search of simple means to make the most of any limited space without negatively affecting the house design and convenience. In this regard, a sofa bed represents the perfect versatile furniture for city living. During the daytime, it acts a regular sofa, suitable for TV watching and hanging out. As nighttime beckons, it transforms into a warm and comfortable sleeping space for you and your guests who are sleeping over.

It is essential to have a sofa that functions as both a sofa and a bed. The market has a wide range of sofa beds to choose from. Consumers have a range of options from size to color, design and fabric. The initial idea of converting furniture has often received condemnations as uncomfortable, unsightly and inconvenient to most of the users. However, in present times, a new generation of sofa beds is proving wrong that perception with design and amazing functionality.

So what are the merits of opting for sofa beds?

Simple elegance

Sofa beds featuring a fold down back appear somewhat minimalist. Their backs can simply fold down flat to provide a simple and cozy sofa bed. They provide a simple, contemporary strategy to furnishing. They possess a luxurious look without the hefty price tag. They combine both outstanding functionality and simple modern design. They can transform any space into an extraordinary living space.

Added extras

A sofa bed ought to be comfy to sit on. It is important to have a comfortable mattress preferably sprung as it offers impressive support. A sprung mattress offers three times as many springs as a normal mattress. What’s more, this type of sofa smartly converts into two single beds to create one large king size bed.


Homeowners want superior quality sofa beds that can be used on a daily basis. They can find sofa beds featuring wooden slats for improved comfort and support. Daydreaming is a norm when relaxing comfortably on these sofas.

Extra bedroom space

Sofa beds are life savers for small houses that may be expecting sleepover guests. Homeowners may be troubled with the thought of where their guests will sleep during the night. However, with sofa beds, you are assured of extra bedroom space. The sofa transforms into a bed. How remarkable. Indeed, they are lifesavers in such abrupt situations.

Urbane life

What makes sofa beds ideal for city living? Do you have limited space? They can convert from a sofa to bed and vice-versa depending and save you valuable space. If you live in a single room flat, you can still have your friends over for a sleepover.

Practical approach

You have playful children and pets? You can find sofa beds with removable and washable covers and they come in a variety of bright and neutral colors. So no more concerns as regards food spills.

Unlike past years, the new emergency sofa beds will not break your back or even your bank.

Roman Sahakov writes for SofaSofa about the importance of the right use of armchairs, footstools, and sofas. He loves helping people to find out exactly what they need around their homes to feel comfortable!