Small Bathrooms Can Look Large if Right Paints Are Used on the Walls

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in a house. However, it is pretty strange to note that till some time back it was the most neglected of the rooms in the house. However, now people are trying their best to make the bathroom look and feel good. Lots of research and studies are being done on bathroom designing and décor ideas. Lots of things depend on the size of the bathrooms. If people have their own houses they might have a large bathroom in their house, but that is not possible in case of small flats and apartments. The bathrooms in these places are pretty small and congested. However, there are many ways in which the smaller bathrooms can look bigger and more spacious.

Painting the bathroom in the right shades

Painting the bathroom in the right colors is one of the easiest things that can make the bathroom look larger. You need to select the right paint colors and shades. Apart from the wall colors, the designs, styles and patterns of the bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles also matter a lot in making the washroom look spacious. If you are confused as what kinds of shades will be best for your bathroom, you can read about the same in the different websites. There are also many online videos that provide detailed information on bathroom painting and related stuffs. Along with painting, there are also other décor ideas that can help in making your bathroom look bigger.

Some common painting shades used in bathrooms to make them look larger

• White – This is probably the most common color that is used in bathrooms to make it look spacious. White reflects light to the maximum amount. More reflection means the room will look larger with more space.

White Bathroom

• Yellow – Different shades of yellow are available for the walls. Go for shades that are light in color like pale yellow, Venetian yellow, butter cream yellow and so on. These help in making the bathroom look bright even if there is no natural sunshine entering the bathroom. Refrain from using shiny and darker shades of yellow as these shades make the room look smaller.

• Aqua with a combination of blue and green – Aqua color is a real cool one and perfect for the small bathroom. The blue and green combination of the colors makes the bathroom look like a sea and also makes it look expansive. Putting a nice mirror on the wall also makes the place look large.

Aqua batroom

• The right pale pink shade – If you want to paint your bathroom pink, you can go for it. However, make sure that choose the right shades of pale pink for the bathroom. Pink with a little shade of yellow makes the bathroom look expansive and spacious. The pink shade also soothes the eyes and makes the
bathroom look beautiful.

After painting the bathroom in the shade you like, make sure that you buy the right kinds of accessories for the bathroom as well. Without the choice of the accessories in the right colors, the décor of the bathroom will remain incomplete.

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