Simple Ways to Incorporate Water Features in Home Interior Plans

An elegant water feature in Syria – Photo by jonmartin ()

When people decorate their homes, their main concern is to make it a comfortable place. The choices they make about furniture, decorations, and other features are based on their hobbies, likes, and interior design tastes. There’s also the simple fact that people like to make their homes look beautiful inside and out. It always gives any homeowner a sense of pride whenever someone says something nice about their home.

Adding water features is one of the most effective and affordable methods of decorating a house. Choosing several is mostly a hassle-free experience as there are so many manufacturers of portable water features and they all make different designs. There are small ones that can be placed on top of a side table. There are also large models that need to be partially installed to a part of the house (it could be on the floor or a wall). You can even design one yourself if you can’t find one that meshes well with the overall theme of your house.

Install Electric Water Features

The easiest way to incorporate water features into a house is to buy a small, figurine-like system that runs on electricity. Just plug it in, pour a sufficient amount of water, and you’re all set. You can choose a small one about the size of a small basket if you want to place it on the bar or island separating the kitchen and dining room.

  1. Floor Features

A floor fountain will look great in a small backyard or an indoor garden. – Photo by Gertrude K.

How big the water feature is will depend on where you want to place it. For example, if you want one in the middle of a large foyer that leads to a grand staircase, you can install a fountain or a large water feature on the floor. It can be sunken and decorated to look like a miniature pond, or built inside a large “bowl.” The “bowl” version and the fountain are undoubtedly easier to set up than the sunken model though.

An indoor pool will also classify as a floor water feature.

  1. Table Features

A portable, miniature fountain – Photo by jo3design

If you don’t want anything too grand or expensive, you can just buy one or more smaller water features and place them on top of center or side tables. You can also place them on the kitchen island or counter, the bar, or on the floor right by the patio doorway. These are easy to handle because they are basically like heavy, decorative ceramics, or clay, or bamboo table decorations (depending on what they are made of) except that they have a power cord. Cleaning is also easier because of their smaller sizes.

The best thing about these is they are portable. You can place them anywhere you like, as many as you like. You can even put one in your room, if you want. The soft, tinkling sound of water will be an excellent lullaby for any tired adult.

Fishbowls can be placed almost anywhere in the house. – Photo by Flood

Another easy option is to have a bowl with goldfish. Better yet, have a fully-functional aquarium. This will require a bit more work and maintenance because you’ll essentially be tending to a small ecosystem but, the hard part is just at the beginning. So long as you don’t overcrowd your aquarium, it should be more or less a self-sufficient habitat, requiring only monthly cleanups.

  1. Wall Features

Wall waterfalls – Photo by carifrique

Hotels, malls, and corporate offices usually take a different approach with their water fixtures. Instead of the old-fashioned fountain or portable ceramics, they have wall water features. A panel of wall is enclosed in clear glass. Water falls from the top, falling along the wall and right through the floor. A pump mechanism brings the water back up to repeat the cycle. Colored lights are often added to enhance the miniature waterfall.

Although it is possible to have a wall waterfall at home, they are more suitable in corporate and commercial buildings. They have the resources to pay for its maintenance and repair, plus the manpower to keep the water, the wall, and the glass case clean.

Design Your Own

If ever you can’t find a water feature that will fit in the space where you intend to put it, or doesn’t suit the theme of your home, you can always design one yourself. The good thing about this is you can be very flexible. If you want to change the height of the waterfalls, you can raise or lower the spout as you like. You can decide which direction the water should flow. If you want to add levels and other decorations (like a water mill, a funnel, or a pitcher that tilts over when full), you can also do that.

The important thing is to find people who can recreate your design accurately.

There is more to having water features at home than making a room look more lovely. Water has a calming effect on people. Seeing it and hearing its sound will help the residents de-stress and calm their minds. That is the best advantage people can get from installing water features.

Tina Madsen is a design enthusiast who brings her passion for modern décor and writing to her role as the blogger.  She also specializes in turning small living areas into spacious social hubs with bar stools and counter stools.