3 Key Signs of Quality All London Decorators Should Offer

Quality London Decorators

After choosing the best builders and plumbers to prepare the structure, the last thing you want is terrible decorators. Insist on these 3 signs of quality found in the best London decorators. These key tips are a must if you want decor that matches your high standards.

Quality London Decorators, Quality Work Portfolio

Creative professionals showcase their best in a portfolio. Browse their gallery to see their past work. Does it fit your high standards? Do the colour schemes work? If possible, can you see a quality finish i.e. no stray paint marks? Is their work too flash or too bland? Most importantly, does their decoration show the professional touch? You can’t pay a professional for work you could do yourself.

Good London Decorators Need Good Qualifications

Decorating is a vocational job, but qualifications still apply. Interior Decorators don’t need qualifications, but designers must be qualified to legally call themselves Interior Designers. Interior Designers need qualifications equivalent to an Interior Design degree and several years of experience. Expect higher fees from London decorators who provide interior design services.

There are many advantages to choosing a qualified decorator. Years of learning will teach them about various periods, patterns, styles, textures, colour schemes, and much more an unqualified decorator wouldn’t know about. This means you’ll have a greater choice of styles when a designer presents their ideas.

Excellent London Decorators Offer Excellent Services

They should offer a range of services. You shouldn’t have to track down five professionals for one decoration project. A quality company will provide all or most of the tradesmen you need including painters, carpenters, and designers. Don’t hire any company that only provides one skill. Decoration is more than just painting, and quality London decorators know this.

Decorating won’t happen overnight, so you need decorators you can live with. They’ll be in your house for days, possibly weeks, so their work practices are important. Painting, carpentry, and other decorating jobs will obviously make a mess, but how do the decorators handle it? Bad London decorators will leave the mess and let you clean it up. They won’t consider health and safety. Always ask decorators how they’ll leave the site after work. If they don’t mention cleaning and tidying up after themselves, cross them off your list.

Those are the 3 key signs of quality the best London decorators offer. When you shop around, make sure every decorator you consider meets these points. There are so many choices with decorators offering old and new, painting and carpentry, touch-ups and makeovers. When a decorator shows each key sign, all you’ve got to worry about is what colour scheme to choose.