Put Your Feet Up In Style

Comfortable furniture suitable for lounging around after a long day of work really can’t be overrated. There is nothing more frustrating that try to relax on a stiff sofa that offers you barely more relief than the hard floor would. At the same time, finding quality, classy, and decently priced furniture can also be extremely difficult. Often items look different in the light of a store or the glow of a computer screen than they do sitting in your own house. Fortunately, CSL is one company that can solve all of these issues through their superb selection of quality sofas. Offering a wide variety of styles and sofa designs, CSL furniture is high above the mark of what many other companies can offer for many reasons, several of which are listed below.

1.      Satisfaction guaranteed: CSL offers all customers with their famous “Love it or exchange it” guarantee. In other words, any customers not totally pleased with their recliner sofa purchase can exchange it for a different sofa that might better suit their needs. The only requirement for redeeming this offer is covering the cost of the collection/delivery fees for the removing and replacing of the sofas. This excellent guarantee can help consumers feel confident in their decision to purchase a sofa from CSL, since the risk of purchasing one that they are not please with is greatly reduced by knowing that they can easily exchange it if necessary.

2.      Lifetime guaranteed: In addition to the “Love it or exchange it” policy, all sofas are also backed with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee covers both the frame and spring system of every sofa and chair; these sofas are built to last for many years of relaxation. Since purchasing a sofa is typically a fairly significant financial investment, this guarantee fully justifies the pricing behind all of CSL’s furniture; purchasing these sofas can be seen as an investment in the future, as there shouldn’t be any need to replace them due to mechanical malfunctions.

3.      Convenient finance plans: As briefly mentioned above, purchasing a sofa is certainly an expensive endeavour. However, another great feature of CSL helps to alleviate this problem; an interest free finance plan is one option to help consumers be able to enjoy quality recliners now without completing depleting all of their savings. Of course, there are some restrictions on this option, but in general, many consumers should be able to take advantage of this convenient “get it now, pay for it gradually” purchasing plan.

4.      Space-conscious: Unlike many recliners that require a substantial amount of room between the back and the wall in order to be fully enjoyed, recliner sofas by CSL are designed so that users can enjoy the benefits of super sagless action—a design that means that these sofas can be fully reclined and yet positioned as close as three inches to a wall. This great design gives individuals with less space in their homes the option to still enjoy a fully reclining chair or sofa; no longer is having large home a prerequisite for being able to kicking your feet back on your recliner after a long day at work.

5.      Variety of models: Finally, CSL offers plenty of sofa models to suit just about any decoration scheme. From classy black leather to cheerful purples, reds, and creams, CSL’s sofas can easily be placed into pre-decorated rooms without the need to redo the colour schemes. Additionally, the sofas and recliners sold through this company are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, from three seater to single seater options.

Purchasing a recliner sofa may seem like a risky and unnecessary financial investment to some, but the guarantees offered by CSL definitely minimize these issues. Besides, in some people’s views, kicking up your feet and relaxing on a fully reclining sofa may easily be considered a priceless luxury, well worth any initial financial costs.

[message type=”simple”]Oliver Bray’s interested in interior design was sparked by the refurbishment of his house a few years ago. Since then he’s evangelised on the affect our environment has on us and writes about the latest fashion trends designed to inspire your life.[/message]