How To Prepare Your Home For London Decorators

You are ready for the makeover of a lifetime. Over the next few weeks a decoration team will transform your home. Instead of sitting around twiddling those thumbs, follow these five steps to prepare your home for London decorators.

Warn the neighbours!

How To Prepare Your Home For London Decorators

Decorators can disturb the neighbours when doing noisy jobs like drilling. You have the right to renovate your home, but the neighbours have the right to live in peace.

Always warn the neighbours before the decorators arrive. You could send a letter, but going in person adds that personal touch. Take over a nice gift like chocolates to show your gratitude for their understanding.

Save your parking space.

When London decorators come to work, they’ll need somewhere to park. Parking round the corner isn’t a good idea when you’ve got heavy tools to carry.

Move your car and find some way to save the parking space. Put your wheelie bin in the space or move your car so it fills two spaces. You could always book your decorators when your neighbours are away and make sure work finishes before their return.

Clear the work space.

London decorators shouldn’t expect to show up and have to clear a room. They came to decorate, not tidy up. If they gave an estimate for the job, don’t be surprised when clearing the room adds to the final cost. The business has to pay for those man hours.

Clear out their work space beforehand so they can start work immediately. Clearing the space also protects your valuables from damage. If the decorators move your things and break something, how will you feel? Do it yourself to make sure your possessions are moved with the utmost care.

Hide private information.

Leaving private information lying around is never a good idea when strangers come over. You don’t know their background or true intentions. When you let them see documents like bank statements or computer files, you risk being the victim of identity theft.

London decorators aren’t all thieves, but you should always be careful. Lock away private information that could be used to commit fraud. Make sure your computer has password access and don’t leave open documents onscreen.

Give London decorators personal space.

At work, eating at your desk makes it hard to switch off. It’s nice to have somewhere else to unwind. Then you can go back to work with renewed energy.

When the decorators arrive, show them a private area where they can enjoy their breaks. Provide snacks like biscuits and chocolate, and drinks like water, tea, and coffee. After such good treatment, you’ll be very popular with London decorators in the future. This will come in handy if you need a discount on your next quote!

Once you’re done following these steps, you and your decorators will be so relieved! Now your home is ready to be transformed into something even more special. After working so hard, time to put your feet up! You deserve it.