Using Patterns In The Home


This year’s must-have interior design trend is all about patterns.  There is a multitude of ways that you can incorporate patterns in the home, which go beyond decorating walls.  Intrigued?  Then read on to find out more.

Why patterns are all the rage

Patterns may have had their heyday in the 1970s, but they are well and truly back on the fashion calendar.  Mixing and matching bold and vibrant patterns in the home is a great way to bring a tired room back to life.  Not only does it add vigour and style, but it can turn an otherwise bland-looking room into one with instant appeal.  But how do you go about incorporating patterns in the home and is there any style rules to stick to?

Pattern rules

There are a very few basic essential rules to think about before going pattern-crazy.  Firstly, think about the colours you want to use, and how they will blend in with other colours in the room.  Good pattern styling works when you use one colour to tie the different patterns in the room together.  That’s not to say you can’t use more than one colour, just go easy – otherwise your room could end up looking very chaotic.  And don’t think you need to opt for dazzling colours that will blind a visitor when they walk in your house.  You could create a fantastic cohesive feel by mixing neutrals and very pale colours together.

Think about the style and shape of patterns as well.  Mixing different sizes and shapes blends in well together, for instance.  Very strong and bold patterns also mix well with subtler ones.  In fact, patterns needn’t be all loud and vibrant; it is just as easy to use gentle, delicate patterns, such as those with pretty floral undertones.  Decide which style works best for you, and which room you want to transform.  For example, in a bedroom or other room where you want to relax and create a quiet ambience, avoid using patterns and colours that scream and shout out at you.

Where can you use patterns?

Patterns can be incorporated into any room in the house, which makes their uses pretty versatile.  For most people, the obvious choice is to use patterned wallpaper on their walls, or a particular feature wall, such as the pattern below.

But you don’t need to redecorate just to introduce patterns in the home.  There are tons of options available to you, without causing too much expense or effort.  For example, you might want to consider adding patterned curtains or patterned blinds to refresh the look and feel of a room.  Ornaments such as patterned vases and patterned lampshades are also easy ways to make a statement.

Think about the soft furnishings you have in your home.  Could you add some patterned cushions, such as the ones in the picture below to add some interest to your home?  What about a patterned duvet cover in the bedroom and patterned towels in the bathroom?

Consider patterned kitchenware on display in a cabinet, combined with a patterned kettle or other appliances on show.  A patterned rug (such as the one below) can look interesting when placed over a wooden floor, and will give a room a youthful feel.

This article was provided by Alison Parcell for Creatively Different, specialists in unique designer blinds.