Painting and Decorating Affects a Bedroom’s Emotion

‘Chromatherapy’ is a philosophy that deals with the effect that colour has on one’s mood. The principles date back to early Arab and Egyptian civilizations, which observed that sunny warm yellows brighten one’s mood, and cool blue skies have a calming effect. When painting and decorating your bedroom, it may prove beneficial to consider how your colour scheme not only changes the aesthetic elements, but also could effect the emotions you feel in that space.

Types of colours that effect your mood

Before determining how you want to paint and decorate your bedroom, consider that there are three main emotional colour breakdowns. First, there are COOL colours like blues and greens, which are known to create a relaxing and tension-easing effect on one’s mood. There are WARM colours like reds, yellows, and oranges, which promote a more invigorating and energetic effect. Finally, there are those colors that are a mixture of both cooling and warming elements, like purple.

In the following collection of bedroom photographs, notice how the painting and decorating colours may affect you.

Painting and Decorating your bedroom with cool colours

painting and decorating a blue bedroom

Tan, white and blue are calming cool colours. Brown is an earth tone that grounds you, while light blue is reminiscent of a sky, and opens up the space. White makes any room feel bigger, promoting a more positive outlook. Painting and decorating with cool colours can affect the emotion between partners, who retire to the bedroom for a place to relax and reconnect.

A soothing bedroom for your child

full refurbishment children room

Pink is a nurturing colour, associated with maternal comforts. If you want to evoke calm reassurance in a little girl’s bedroom, it’s a perfect choice. Pink painting and decorating is not limited to just a child’s bedroom; use gentle, pink accents in the living room for an added soothing touch.

Paint the bedroom RED!

Luxury red full refurbishment bedroom

The darker the hue of any colour, the bolder the emotional effect is said to be. Red, when used in painting and decorating is known for its stimulatory affects, possibly even increasing adrenaline, and is often associated with passion. It’s definitely a strong choice for a bedroom, and may be ideal if you want your bedroom to be a place of energy and stimulation.

Painting and Decorating with a balance of Warm Colours

Warm colours provoke conversation and even a playful atmosphere, and are sometimes related to emotions of joyfulness. Incorporating many elements of warm colours (like the burnt orange blanket, red chair and carpeting and wooden furniture) into a white-walled bedroom creates an aesthetic balance of emotional elements.

classic red bedroom full refurbishment

Cream Bedroom Full Refurbishment


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