Painted furniture explodes as new home decor trend

Do you want to give your home a makeover? Are you looking to invest in furniture pieces that are different yet equally appealing? Then you might want to opt for painted furniture. Unlike natural-looking wood, painted pieces are available in the most vibrant and chic colors possible. Starting from baby blue kitchen cabinets to deep-yellow chairs & cabinets, and even colorful kitchen islands, one thing’s for sure: homeowners would go to extreme lengths to make their spaces look modern.

Benefits of painted furniture

Painted furniturePainted furniture comes with a lot of advantages over additional finishes. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your space with a pop of color or you want to add a touch of romance, painted furniture will surely exceed your expectations. A dyed finish on a hard grade wood will make your furnishings item look new and innovative. Did you know that painted furniture has plenty of environmental benefits too? Every year we hear that thousands of tons of bad furniture are being thrown away by owners who want a change. Why would you do that when you can invest in painted furniture that handmade?

Painted furniture trends

Experience the great benefits of handmade furniture and give your home a trend boost. The varieties of decor styles you can use are endless, and as far as the furniture is concerned, there are plenty of items out there ready to make your home look comfortable and chic.

  • The French country cottage concept

Handmade furniture with French influences works wonders in your kitchen. Shades like gray, beige, mint-green, and yellow are extremely recommended. Opt for cabinets with architectural edges and invest in furniture that looks vintage. To make your space wider you can include kitchen cabinets with glass windows or with no windows at all. Open cabinets will add more style and flair to your space. Right now, the French cottage trend is stronger than ever mainly because tired wood painted in shades of milk and chalk can really make the furniture look fresh.

  • Upgraded mid-modern furniture

Old furniture shouldn’t be thrown away because it can be restored. A coat of fresh paint and additional improvements can really bring the furniture piece back to life. Mid-modern furniture can be painted after your own rules and regulations, and that’s what makes the whole concept unique. A recently new trend in painted furniture is the half-painted furniture. It edgy, cool, and it can really change the overall look of an old chair to 180 degrees.

  • Stenciled furniture

Stenciled furniture is a rather new concept. Yet, it’s certainly unique and adored by people who want to make their homes look contemporary. Stencils in floral, geometric, and word patterns are extremely en-vogue. People want to have original furniture pieces in their home, and that’s why the handmade ideal has gained so much recognition lately.

Why is painted furniture such an appreciated new home trend?

Painted furniture1Unlike wood-like furniture in plain shades of brown, painted furniture has clean lines. It compliments a space beautifully; it makes it look contemporary and chic. Homeowners are sick and tired of furniture that looks old. They want to be able to incorporate high-end appliances into a high-end home décor. The only way to do that is to go for contemporary furniture pieces. Whether we’re talking about kitchen cabinets, chairs, tables, countertops, or additional accessories, one thing’s for sure, we want minimalism to prevail.

Timeless furniture – the purpose of a beautifully decorated kitchen or even living room is to be timeless. How do we make a space look modern for years in a row without breaking the bank? The answer: handmade furniture that’s painted in the most avant-garde style.

Classic furniture with a twist – we love classic furniture because it’s practical. It incorporates all the main conveniences of regular furniture pieces, yet the design and paint finish are standing out. Full-height cabinets, base and wall cabinets, islands, and countertops, should really make your kitchen space look chic and ingenious.

Painted furniture makeover tips

No matter what type of furniture you’re about to paint –a chair, table, dresser, wardrobe or kitchen cabinet – you have to begin by cleaning it with some water and soap so that you can get rid of the dirt and dust. After you dried the item, evaluate it. Take a look at its color and finish, and see if you need a primer. Check whether or not there are any spots or gouges that require wood putty or sanding. Pay close attention to the finish so that you can notice if was has been sealed. Keep in mind that the surface must be ready for the new paint and that’s why you have to follow all these steps.

If you want to perform a successful paint makeover, take a look at the following tips and apply them.

  • Metal can be painted. You can paint metal as long as the surface is primed; the hardware store provides you with a plethora of alternatives. Use a spray-on primer if you have to paint pieces that feature numerous curves. Kilz is a good option. Do you want to get rid of that brass lamp base? This will help you obtain whatever color you’re interested in.

  • Primer isn’t compulsory

The condition of the item you intend to pain and the finish you want to go for will tell you whether or not you need to apply a primer. There are cases when deglossing or sanding is enough. If you don’t have experience in this field, you might want to know that a paint deglosser is a liquid that you have to apply by hand to remove the sealed finish.

If you’re dealing with a wax-finished piece, you can opt for naphtha (which you will also find at the hardware store) to get rid of the wax and prepare the item. Make sure you’re wearing gloves while performing these tasks. If you want to enjoy a successful paint makeover, do everything you can to make the paint stick to the surface.

  • Sand carefully

There are individuals who sand by hand, but other prefers to use a tiny, iron-shaped hand sander which allows you to reach the corners. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t surpass the wood’s top layer when sanding.

  • Be meticulous

Shortcuts won’t lead to a perfect paint makeover. In case your piece features drawers and hardware, take them away entirely so that you can prepare and paint each of them. Since these areas are used very often, they’re exposed to paint flaking. Sand the edges of the drawer thoroughly so that you can remove the old paint. And note that two coats of sealer will enhance the durability of the drawers.

  • Utilize a proper brush
    it’s a vital guideline you must follow! Fishing lost brush hairs out of the paint you’ve just applied will give you awful headaches! Purchase quality brushes and you’ll be able to use them multiple times providing you clean them correctly (and quickly).

  • Patience is the key to success
    Let the paint dry before you apply another coat. Specialists say that you should wait for 24 hours, mainly if there’s moisture. Do the same thing with the sealer. Apply the last coat and let it dry for at least 24 hours before using the sealer. In case the paint isn’t completely dry, it will crack when you apply the polyurethane finish.

With such a wide variety of panting tips and tricks, there’s no wonder more and more homeowners are going for painted furniture. Whether they choose to make it or buy it, their goal is the same: to make a dull space look new, more colorful, and modern. What colors inspire you the most? Latest décor trends are focusing on shades of white. In this category we should include beige, milk, gray, ivory, and more. Of courses, additional pastel colors are equally recommended.

Pops of colors

Painted furniture2Painted furniture allows you to add a splash of color to your space. Rather than paint an entire kitchen, how about adding one statement item only? A plain white kitchen with a deep yellow island positioned in the middle will completely change the décor. It will bring it back to life; it will make it vibrant and a lot more appealing.

The greatest way to make your furniture pop is to paint it. While there are plenty of DIY tips out there to get inspired from, increasingly more people would rather just opt for ready-paint furniture. The plethora of colors and designs is endless out there, and it’s up to you to pick pieces that can be compliment your space. The market has been invaded by people who want painted furniture. Why – because painted furniture is sleek, modern, and minimalist.

Wood-like furniture shades are no longer in trend because they’re not stylish enough. Just like technology, the world of interior design is advancing extremely fast. To stay updated with the latest tendencies, you might have to give your home a total makeover every 5 to 7 years.