Optimise your office space

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Whether working in the office or from home, it’s always difficult to make the most of your space. You don’t want to be taking up too much room, but you don’t want to be cramped either. Not to mention the importance of properly storing personal belongings and supplies! This guide will help you make the most of the space you have, as well as helping you choose the proper desk and storage facilities.

Choosing the right desk

You’re going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time throughout the day so it’s important to choose a good one, consider what type of workspace you need.

  • Firstly, don’t assume bigger is better with a desk, you may end up spending more on a big desk which just ends up using space and gathering clutter than being a productive work place. Look at your current desk or place of work and measure out the amount of space you use and use this to reflect your next choice of desk.
  • With multiple or large computer screens you’re going to need space for a keyboard as well as spare space. Consider getting a desk with a pull out portion underneath; you can store keyboards and other items here while keeping the top of the desk free. Look at different desk accessories and see if you can find any to help you be more productive.

Making the most of your floor space

Create a floor plan of your working space and look at the area you’re working with. Take into account furniture, walkways and other decorations.

  • Give yourself a 150cm (about 60 inches) space behind your desk where your chair would be. This gives you room to move around comfortably and have a pathway too.
  • Try to avoid cramping everything together if you can. And open space helps create an open mind and hopefully a better mind-set to help you work.
  • With wires and electronics, you can usually find accessories to help keep them tidy and out of harm’s way. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, look for wireless options, which tend to be quicker and help keep things orderly.

Using the proper storage

Storage is a vital part in optimising your office space, and fortunately there are thousands of different types and styles of storage facilities you can use.

  •  If you are looking for storage for around your desk, there are great options for shelving and racking systems. If you have space, take advantage of the room underneath your desk! Not only to the keep things ordered but it frees up space on top of your desk, just be sure that you have room left over for your legs to fit comfortably.
  • Properly measure out the space you’ll need to store items and use those measurements to invest in a sturdy shelf! Shelves take up little room and are easy to access, whereas boxes and such tend to take up a lot of room and are difficult to go through when you need something.