First impressions start with your office’s exterior

When a customer or supplier arrives at your offices, one of the first sides of your business they will see is the building in which you are housed – that is why you need to make sure it looks just as good as the inside.

You might argue that the state of the office does not necessarily give you a clear idea of the quality of the service you deliver – this is a fair point, but as a method of separating yourself from your competition it is certainly valid.

For one, there are plenty of people who equate untidiness to laziness or an unprofessional attitude, so you will not impress anyone with this mindset. Also, the psychological effect of them starting their experience of your brand badly is that your relationship begins on a bumpy note. So what could you do to smarten up your office?

What you can improve

Start by doing a quick assessment of the building, paying particular attention to the way it looks on the way in as this is where good first impressions can be secured. Think about the state of the roads, paths, greenery and entrances – could these do with some work?

You could also consider how a paint job could brighten up the scene. Do not limit yourself to just painting doors and walls, you could also apply concrete floor paint to smarten up the ground.

Upkeep and repairs

Of course, giving your office exterior a make-over once is great, but it also needs to be maintained, so schedule in a check-up every few months to monitor the wear and tear taking place. Make a note of how long improvements last, so that you know for the future which ones seemed to offer the best value for money, or involved the fewest repairs.

With a little diligence and the occasional top-up, you can make sure that the outside of your office sets you up to enjoy a fruitful relationship with customers and suppliers.

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