Kitting out your office with new furniture

If you’ve decided to kit out your office with all new furniture, be it as a treat to your employees or simply because your old furniture has seen better days, there are a few things you should consider before jumping into any purchases.

Firstly, remember that one size doesn’t fit all, not in this case, anyway. Each of your employees has different needs; be it a certain chair height, fit for their back or a desk size. If you’re going to do it, do it right; make each member of staff count. It may seem like a time-consuming exercise, but why not take a tour around each desk and ask each member of your workforce what they’d change about their working environment? Obviously you might not be able to cater to every single person’s individual needs, but if you’ve shown a willingness to do your best, it won’t only improve their perception of you as an employer, but it will make them feel more appreciated too.

Don’t forget about the desks

Your first instinct may be to look at each employee’s desk chair, but don’t forget the desks. The chairs are admittedly important, given the health and safety aspects of sitting in the wrong position all day, but having the right-sized desk (and the correct height) can help with this. Plus, some members of staff may need more room than others. For example, Rob in Accounts might have a lot of spreadsheets that he needs to have out when he arranges the monthly payroll. However Sophie the consultant might work primarily from her computer, lessening her need for physical desk space. Taking this into account might reduce the amount of money you have to spend on certain desks, making room in the budget for something else.

The little touches count too

It’s not all about the desks and chairs, however. Think about the added touches you can make the office to make it feel really homely. Obviously you have to remain professional too, but sprucing up the walls with some artwork and popping a few plants around the place can really jolly the place up. Helping your employees to feel they’re coming into a welcoming environment each day might improve their motivation, so why not invest in a few beanbags too? These could provide a neat meeting space that’s comfy, helping them relax. If they’re relaxed, their brainstorming sessions might be more productive… plus they feel like they’ve had a bit of a break from the norm. It’s a win-win situation!

Hopefully the above shows why putting some thought into your refurbishment really is worth the time and money. It’ll make your employees feel better about coming into work every day and by making an investment in each person as an individual, their motivation levels could go through the roof. Plus, it’ll make a nicer environment for you to invite clients into, which is always great. So don’t hesitate… spruce up your office sooner rather than later. You won’t regret it.

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