Adding net curtains to your home décor

I have lived in my home for around 15 years and I used to re-decorate religiously. However, now I’ve found a really quick, easy way to give my home a new lease of life. Adding net curtains to my home stops me making such dramatic changes to the décor as it spruces my home up nicely and I’m amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

I’ve put this post together to share with you how I have used net curtains to give my home a new lease of life and to also explain the benefits of net curtains.

A lot of people think that net curtains can’t be used in every room of the house, when in fact, they can! The first place I bought them for was my kitchen and after that, I decided that they would look great all over the house. I tend to buy the same design for each room to make sure that when looking from the outside of my home, the windows all match. If you are keen to feature different styles, then I suggest using one design for the front of the house and another style for the back of the house so that it all still co-ordinates when viewed from outside.

Traditionally, people thought that net curtains are more for a traditional décor, however my home is really modern and they don’t look out of place at all. I’m always really keen to make sure that my home looks nice and that it also looks really up to date – net curtains are the cherry on top of the cake.

You’ll notice that there are lots of different types of net curtains. Some of them are fairly plain whereas others can be decorative and make more of a statement. More often than not, nets will be white and this simple colour is a great way to freshen a room up and make it feel bright and airy. I would certainly recommend net curtains for smaller rooms as they help to make it feel bigger.

When trying to find the perfect net curtains for my home, I came across some lovely designs including daisies, summery patterns, leaves, snowflakes and even some even feature little sparkles. I have bought the snowflake ones ready for when Christmas rolls around again and can’t wait to put them up. One of my favourite designs features butterflies that look really pretty and delicate – they look lovely in a little girl’s room!

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, net curtains also help to improve the privacy of your home as they don’t let prying eyes see in. They’re a great way to keep your home safe and anything you can do to improve your homes privacy is really important. Although they block other people being able to see in, you can still see out and don’t worry, they also allow lots of sunlight to come through too so won’t make your home feel dark and gloomy.

One thing to bear in mind when you’re choosing net curtains is that you need to opt for a design that will match your normal curtains. Remember not to have both your net curtains and your curtains really patterned as they could clash – try to make at least one of them plain.

One of the great things about net curtains is that they’re so cheap, it makes sense to make this small difference that will help to improve the appearance of your windows as well as the privacy of your home. If you’re worried about fitting them correctly, there are a lot of helpful guides available online that will talk you through step by step – it’s actually really simple!

Hillary Ealey is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything jewellery or fashion related. The products reviewed here are from Tonys Textiles