Using Natural Light In Your Home

Light Room

Making the Most of Natural Light

Natural Light is a great way to show off a room whether it be for your personal use or to help in marketing a property for sale. Having natural light has many benefits including making the room look bigger and reducing the need for artificial (and the cost associated with this).

How can I maximise natural light?

With a few quick changes to your property you can enhance the natural light some good fixes include hanging mirrors in and around windows (especially opposite) as this will allow the light to flow through the room, removing items from around windows like windows dressings (curtains) and replace with materials that encourage light such as muslin and voiles, if the room has any inter connecting doors it would be ideal to have these as glazed panels so the light can bounce through or replace completely with clear or stained glass. If you are looking for natural light to aid with selling the property then natural carpets and natural coloured walls (white and creams work best) are perfect and act as a light reflective surface – this simple step alone will attract potential property buyers.

It doesn’t just have to be inside that natural light can be improved. If you take a step outside with your back against the windowlook at what is in front – are there any overgrown bushes or trees that can be clipped of trimmed back? Many windows are completely blocked out by trees or underlying branches.

Office Light

Natural Light in the Home Office

If you are looking to increase natural light for a more personal use i.e. you work from home so want the home office to appear brighter, then you may be willing to spend a little money renovating the property to increase natural light. Some great solutions for this include dropping windows sills – this enlarges the windows without affecting the wall structure itself. If you have any sash windows then look at the cost of turning them into French doors, bear in mind with this solution you will need to instruct a builder to cost up implementing a beam to bear the increased load of a French door.  The most popular solution currently is adding skylights (also known as roof lights), if placed correctly in the middle of the room then it can add natural light to all four corners of the room.
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