Modernize your Bathroom

For a lot of people, a good bathroom is crucial when looking at houses. This might appear to be ironic for some, especially since it is one of the smallest rooms in the house. However, we have all heard the facts about how much time you spend in the bathroom over a lifetime and also for the vast majority of people it is where you start your day – taking a shower.  So wouldn’t you want it to be a nice area? With changing times, comes the improvisation and modernization of bathrooms.  Gone are the days of the 80’s green bathroom – thank god.  So how exactly do you transfer a bathroom from being outdated into a modern one?

Renovate in Parts

Fully renovating a house can be prohibitively expensive, and this can also be true of a bathroom. This is why it is sometimes better to renovate your bathroom in parts or phases in order to spread the cost out over a designated time. This may take longer and require much more effort but it is easier on the wallet. You can start with your bathroom mirror, your cabinet, your sink, your shower, your toilet and any other thing you want. Renovating in stages can reduce the stress of a complete refurbishment and also give you more time to source components.  However, you must set timelines as these projects have a certain momentum and once started should not be half-completed.  Budget per month and make sure you have a deadline for when you want your whole bathroom to be replaced.

Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a more modern feel, you can start by altering your bathroom cabinets. Your cabinets can make a big impact and possibly make or break the feel of one’s bathroom. You can do this by changing the paint, and replacing the knobs and handles to your desired style.  Apart from a design aspect, if you are to replace the entire unit, a new cabinet can increase your storage space and reduce clutter.  Just make sure to replace all your cabinets rather than having two different styles.

Faucet and Showerheads

You can also modify your bathroom by changing your faucet and your showerhead. This can make a big difference because it is one of the most frequently used items in a bathroom; changing them to more modern and more efficient ones can go a long way for your bathroom’s look. Changing your showerhead can also give you a more enjoyable showering experience!

Lights and Paint

Changing your light fixtures and replacing your paint can do wonders for your bathroom. A crisp white bathroom can make the room feel bigger and upgraded lights can definitely bring a modern feel to your bathroom. You can choose which color of paint and what kind of light fixture to use depending on your desired style. This is particularly effective in bathrooms that have no external light.


You get the idea, if your bathroom feels dated then it might be time to refurbish.  Go online to source your bathroom mirrors, showerheads, toilets, etc or go in store to test them out in person.  It is amazing how much difference replacing a toilet or a tap can make to the overall feel of your bathroom.  If you finances are particularly tight, a new lick of paint is very affordable and can transform your bathroom.

There are many new and fresh ways to renovate your bathroom and modernize your place.  Just keep a creative, open mind and remember to plan out your renovation to ensure that it has some structure and actually gets finished!