How to Modernise Your Bedroom

Cream Bedroom Full Refurbishment

The master bedroom is often the first thing that budding amateur interior designers seek to renovate. And for good reason, too – you spend a whole lot of time in this one room, especially if you have the same bad habit as me and enjoy watching TV in bed. The bedroom is also fun to redecorate because it is, almost by definition, a private space. You don’t necessarily need to worry about how well it goes together with the rest of the house, as guests will never see it. Accordingly, you’re able to let your creative juices flow and experiment with alternative design choices. So, without any further delay, let’s explore the key aspects of a modern bedroom.


No, it’s not particularly exciting. In fact, it’s not exciting at all, but it’s a completely essential part of any bedroom and so it should not be an afterthought. Storage solutions should be carefully considered as the typical bedroom contains a lot of clothing and other miscellaneous items, so you’ll be taking up a lot of space when you put them somewhere. But the essence of minimal modernism is that everything is low-profile and as far away from noticeable as is possible. The aim of storage is therefore at odds with the design philosophy that readers of this post may wish to follow, and we have to consider how best to reconcile this conflict. Choose low-slung cupboards over generous wardrobes and avoid wood tones. One way to minimise the impact of your chosen storage solution is to paint it the same colour as the walls, softening its impact upon the eye and allowing it to ‘blend in’ slightly. If you’re lucky enough to own a walk-in closet, you will benefit from having far more freedom to make bold design choices. The transition from the bedroom into this mini ‘room’ allows you be be a little more experimental, facilitating the use of warmer shades and more clutter.


Curtains are often overlooked by amateur designers, which is unfortunate. As they form the frame around (or cover up) sources of natural light in the room, your choice of curtains should be a carefully considered one. Modern design demands subtlety, so make sure that your fabric blends in with the walls. But colour is only one factor involved in picking out curtains. Lighter fabrics fold more crisply when drawn, whilst heavier ones are more effective at keeping out light and cold weather. For a really modern touch, consider investing in electric curtain tracks and adding contemporary function to your form.

The Bed

Last but not least, we come to the bed. This has been left until last because it’s the first thing that most readers will plan, at the expense of other features. But that’s not to say that the bed isn’t important; it’s the key focal point of the room named after it. Minimalists should opt for a model which sits low on the ground and which lacks a headboard. Once again, it could be a good idea to blend its colour with that of the walls, but we can also use it to make a statement. As the bed forms the centre of the room, you can employ contrasting colours to make it stand out. This will draw the eye and can make a real difference to the feel of the room.