Decorating a Living Room for Christmas

Looking for some inspiration to help you create a classy Christmas ambience this year? We’ve put together a few ideas and tips to ensure your living room looks and feels like the perfect festive retreat.


It can be great fun to have a theme for your Christmas decorations – this makes coordinating your decor much easier and is a good way to plan your room. Possible themes could include stars, snowflakes, baubles, holly or candles. Choosing your decorations in keeping with the theme will give your room a sophisticated touch.


Of course, Christmas is a time of bright, glistening colours, but for a very elegant finish it’s wise to choose a simple colour scheme, and don’t be tempted to stray from it. The traditional colours associated with the festive season tend to be reds, golds and greens, but the only limit is your imagination. What about cool, clean silvers, perhaps with some hints of purple, or maybe you’re feeling brave and want something even more daring? You can ensure non-traditional colour schemes stay festive by using them in very traditional ways – for example, a silver Christmas tree with sparkling black tinsel would be a stunning centrepiece.


Accessorising your living room is the key to nailing the style. Stay well away from cheap metallic fold-out decorations! Simply arranging small pine branches or holly sections along mantle pieces, book cases and curtain rails is a wonderful way to lift the room, and by adding some strings of beads or a little glitter you can create gorgeous garlands which match your theme effortlessly.

A candle arrangement makes a handsome centrepiece on a coffee table or sideboard, especially when coordinated with garlands. Using candlelight to light the room adds atmosphere and a sense of warmth which can finish the room beautifully.

While it is tempting to bring out the same Christmas ornaments each year, they rarely coordinate with a chosen colour scheme and quickly become tired, so why not think about something a little bit different this year? A vase of fairy lights and silver-sprayed pine cones looks amazing yet takes moments to create, and a gorgeous big poinsettia plant always looks stunning.

The Tree

Dressing the tree is the main event – get this right and your job is done! Start by arranging the lighting, which should be generous (use the ratio of 100 lights per foot of tree as a guide), and once you have carefully hung the lights around the tree and made sure the lighting covers the branches evenly you can progress to the decorations.

Next, hang long decorations horizontally – chains of beads can be draped across branches, and tinsel can be hung in a similar fashion.

Finally add any ornaments, which you may have chosen in accordance with your theme, and top off with a star for a perfect finish. Now you can enjoy welcoming friends and family to celebrate with you in your perfect seasonal living room.

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