Choosing the Right Colours for Your Home

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. From connotations of the environment and healthy living brought on by the colour Green, to the calm, restfulness, associated with blue, this Infographic provides a great deal of information on what some of the main colours mean.

The meaning of colours is an interesting area of study, and goes much deeper than you would perhaps first think. For example in nature certain colours, such as Yellow, appear as a warning. This colour has since been used by man because of these natural associations, cautioning observers of dangers in the form of warning signs and similar uses.

Colours and their associations shouldn’t just be utilised to keep people safe, help people advertise, and generally manipulate commercial behaviour. No, colours can be used by you also, to help create desired atmospheres in your home for example. As well as general information on each colour, this Infographic goes further to highlight tips on how best to use these colours in a home environment. These tips can ensure that you’re able to make use of these specific colours without drastic consequences to the mood and feeling of your property.

This Infographic was produced for home owners shopping for furniture at National Furniture UK, in an effort to help with their overall redecoration experience.