Kitchen Decorating Guide

A home’s kitchen is an enjoyable place for the whole household. Make it a rejuvenating and exciting part of your precious home and your kids will always be there to give you a hand. Smart décor ideas and beautiful colors will liven up a space that cannot always look impeccable. Are you looking for sensible guidelines to redecorate your cooking space and make it look vibrant and likable? Then you’re all set to get started.

Kitchen Layouts

Paint and decorate kitchenAnalyze your kitchen and establish its shape. Is it spacious enough? Does it have a U shape? Do you have room for all major appliances? These are the questions you must ask before starting to decorate. Kitchens should be thoroughly analyzed first because if you’re not paying enough attention you might end up fitting items that won’t fit.

  • Galley Kitchen – a galley layout is a perfect option for crammed places. The layout involves two parallel workspaces. Usually, the stove is placed on one wall, whereas the refrigerator, dishwasher, and the sink are located on the other wall.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen – An L-shaped kitchen comprises two perpendicular work areas. This layout generates a typical work triangle.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen -The U-shaped layout involves three adjacent work areas. You have the possibility to position each component of the work triangle on a different wall. This layout is a perfect option for multi-cook circumstances thanks to the separation of work areas.

  • G-Shaped Kitchen – The G-shaped layout comprises four different sides, and the fourth one is basically a peninsula. This layout guarantees the most space for cabinets and other items that you need in your kitchen.

When it comes to positioning appliances, you need to be practical. For example, you are advised to place the refrigerator at the end of the kitchen counter. Allow 15 inches of counter space on the side that features the handle of the refrigerator so that you can put your grocery bags there. As far as the kitchen is concerned, you will always have something to do near the sink. Leave 24 to 36 inches of workspace on both parts so that you can wash the dishes and perform tasks without struggling. Left-handed individuals usually place the dishwasher to the right of the sink, whereas right-handers position it to the left. This is merely a suggestion.

Now it’s time to ask yourself this: are you an avid cooker or not? Housewives and mothers need plenty of space to prepare food, so it’s really important to have a kitchen island. It’s practical, it keeps the rest of the counter clean, and it can be used as a dining table at the end of the cooking process.

Types of Cabinets

Painting and decorate a kitchenIt’s certainly not easy to pick out kitchen cabinets. The variety is endless, so it’s important to have some factors in mind prior to making a choice. Do you have any particular style in mind, or do you usually go with your gut? A beautifully decorated kitchen must also be practical, so you might want to think about décor with that idea in mind.

Face Frame Cabinets – Face frame or classic cabinets feature a face or frame that camouflages the blunt edges of every cabinet box. Occasionally, their hinges can be seen from the outside. The drawers and doors can be partly inserted (this means that the drawers and doors are partly inserted into the cabinet with a rim on the external frame), flush fit (they are completely buried into the cabinet’s frame), or overlay (this means that the doors cover the face frame).

Frameless Cabinets – Frameless cabinets, also known as European cabinets, are a great option when you don’t have too much space at your disposal. They feature a thin covering that wraps the blunt rims of the divider; therefore, the opening is 1 ½ inches broader in comparison with an ordinary cabinet. Drawers and doors mount straight to the cabinet’s interior and hinges are generally concealed when the doors aren’t opened. Besides, drawers and doors are only ¼-inch apart, which means that the frame is exposed only a little bit.

Glass Doors – Cabinets with glass doors offer your kitchen a light aspect and make it look more spacious.

Matchless Materials – You have the possibility to make cabinet door inserts with the help of matchless materials such as hole caning, wire grating, louvered panels, as well as patterned tin.

Finishes & Fixtures – Lighting is a very important aspect that you have to consider when decorating your kitchen. You need to obtain the proper lighting balance that enables you to feel both safe and comfortable when preparing your favorite dishes.

General Lighting – General lighting offers complete illumination to a room. Opt for ornamental ceiling fixtures, as well as for recessed lights to benefit from even light.

Natural Lighting – Large windows are a perfect method to illuminate a kitchen, since they don’t consume energy and they can’t affect your health and eyes. Generally, every kitchen features a window that is situated over the sink.

Under-Cabinet Lighting – The counter space positioned below upper cabinets won’t be bright unless you go for under-cabinet fixtures. You can choose from a plethora of battery-operated, hard-wired, as well as plug-in alternatives.

Organizing tips

Painting and decorating kitchenOffer your kitchen a matchless look and opt for interesting organizational ideas. Cabinets adorned with furniture-style details and classic moldings are everlasting. In order to make cooking a pleasurable activity, all your kitchen tools must be properly sorted out.

  • Pull-Out Pantry -A pull-out pantry element will enable you to make the most of an unhandy narrow space.

  • Hidden Cutting Board – A slide out cutting board will provide additional work surface to the place.

  • Corner Shelves – Corner shelves are a good way to utilize an uncomfortable space. The brackets that hold them are in fact architectural salvage elements that will make your kitchen look amazing.

  • Pretty Canisters – Ornamental canisters ingeniously enable you to stock dry goods in a noticeable space.

  • Produce Bins – You can utilize vented produce bins to stock foods that don’t necessitate refrigeration.

  • Shelves – Open shelves are really efficient for storing items that don’t have to be concealed behind cabinet doors. Plus, you can combine them with closed cabinets and you’ll definitely obtain an interesting design.

  • Tool Rail – Place a tool rail above the cooktop to use your utensils effortlessly.

  • Open Pantry Shelves – In case there’s no closed pantry space within your kitchen, open pantry shelves are a really efficient idea.

Décor ideas

tips to choose dining tableBlack and White Influences – opt for a monochromatic palette and make your kitchen look spectacular. An uninterrupted model, such as a stylish black-and-white zigzag, spread over the floor is beautiful and surprising.

Shelf Life – use each and every inch of space you have available for ingenious storage. A cube shelving unit will house your linens, serving pieces, as well as your holding plates. Cover the backs with wallpaper to add a surprising ornamental touch to your kitchen.

Sunshine Day – when you have a small kitchen and a tight budget, caution and inventive planning become essential. A gray-and-white palette combined with dazzling pops of turquoise and lemon are a perfect choice.

Baby Blue Influences – paint your cabinets in a sweet baby blue shade and you’ll immediately bring your kitchen back to life. Soft blue can replace the white appeal of the cooking space without affecting its sleek aspect.

Bold colors – if you want to have a modern design, go for bold colors and lacquered cabinets. For example, you can choose cherry red and vanilla white cabinets, and your kitchen will look amazing. However, make sure you don’t go over the top because additional accessories have to pop out as well.

High End Design Ideas – big arched ceilings and big windows will make your kitchen look more spacious. If you go for a black-and-white design, use a piece of wood furniture to add a touch of warmth. Or you can always include an imposing rug on the floor.

Natural Selections – a classic white kitchen will always be an elegant choice. Opt for ceiling beams, flagstone floors, a lovely farmhouse-style table, and an oak island, and your kitchen will be converted into a heavenly environment.

Modern Vintage Design – who doesn’t love a touch of vintage to a modern décor? Whether you’re just looking to change the knobs of your cabinets, or you want to add splash of color, always remember that mixing styles can have a striking effect.

Decorating a kitchen can be overwhelming sometimes. Deciding on a particular style and organizing everything is not as simple as it seems. You must be able to set your priorities straight before starting to decorate. Are you looking for a practical kitchen space or you want it to be modern and sophisticated? People who are used to cooking all day long should include plenty of cabinets and open shelves; however, if you’re the type of person who loves to dine out, you can think of a more avant-garde type of kitchen.

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