The Importance of Good Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

When the weather is cold and grey outside, a good overhead light is a must. Although you can’t rely on one light to do all the work, all the time, it is that switch that we reach for first. These days there are so many different choices that you are bound to find an overhead light that suits you and your surroundings.

Safety first!

Make sure that light switches and fittings are regularly checked and maintained. A faulty light switch can give you a nasty shock, and if the main wiring is damaged it could result in a house fire. When you are purchasing lighting for your home make sure that you check it is suitable for your electrical system and is not too heavy for the fixtures.

Mix and Match

If you want softer lighting in the evening then a combination of wall lights and table lamps is a good alternative to a bright, overhead light. Paint walls in a light colour to better reflect the light and make the room brighter but cosy.

Accent lighting can be used to accentuate wall decorations or highlight a bookshelf. If you want to play up certain features within your home then strategically placed lighting will make it subtly more visible.

Green Lighting

The new longer life bulbs are not just more ecologically friendly, they work out cheaper over time because they have a much longer life than the old incandescent bulbs. Just make sure that you get the correct wattage! Overhead lights in the dining and sitting room really need hundred watt bulbs; you can use one with less power in the hallway and bedrooms.

Choose different types of lighting in the kitchen. Tubular lights work well over kitchen work tops, adding more light where it is needed. Fluorescent tubes are closer to daylight than ordinary light bulbs and should last a long while.

Different Types of Lights

Uplighters, where the shade is like a bowl, are still fashionable and an uplighter floor lamp can provide extra lighting where it is needed. If you have a large sitting room and like fancy light fittings, look for one of the pretty chandeliers available in most high street lighting stores. Only go for a chandelier if the room is large enough to take it and if your budget will run to the extra cost.

Spotlights are another great way of adding extra light to a particular part of a room. Sunken ceiling lights can be bright or low when combined with a dimmer switch. You will want softer lighting in the bedroom. Choose bedside lamps that compliment the rest of your bedroom décor. If you like to read in bed then a desk style lamp on your bedside cabinet will provide direct light onto the page.

The Advantages of Great Lighting

Good, safe lighting can brighten a home and your day, especially when the weather outside is dull. If you like to sew or knit then a good table or desk lamp is invaluable when you are dealing with close work.

Taseful lighting is important in any home but the type of lighting used will vary according to personal taste. On the other hand, you should recognise that lighting can serve different purposes. A well lit room is always much more attractive than one that is not well lit so why not revisit your home’s lighting scheme today?

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