Making the most of your home windows

decorating windowsIf you’ve had the same windows for a while, and want to try to make them more of a feature there are plenty of ways of going about it. For most people, that might mean browsing some newer window designs to freshen up the whole room. New windows help to make your home more energy efficient, as well as adding great security and offering more modern designs. But there are other ways of sprucing up your windows without having to go all out and buy an entirely new set.

Natural Light Is Key

It may seem obvious, but the best feature of your windows in natural light. Balancing the amount of light that comes into your room can really make a difference to the whole atmosphere of your home. In many peoples’ homes, there are examples of windows that allow either too much or too little light in. This isn’t due to the design or proximity of the opening, but more the blinds and upholstery they use inside. Too much direct sunlight can interfere with your relaxation time, by putting glare on TV screens, or making you too hot. Alternatively, a heavy blind can darken a room, and give it an oppressive feeling.


The in thing at the moment is minimalist blinds. With these you can easily control the amount of light, while giving your room a contemporary feel. Roman blinds are especially popular, but for a softer approach you might want to consider thin pleated blinds. These give you the best of both worlds with plenty of window still visible, but softer light within the room.

Add a Bit of Colour

Colours can make a big difference to the window ornamentation you choose. Try to look at what’s current, rather than what you’re necessarily used too. People are choosing bolder combinations at the moment, such as greens and gold, and the Edwardian pattern on upholstered features is definitely in. Curves are also a nice feature, and windows are a great way of brining them into otherwise ‘straight’ rooms like a kitchen. Give a curving crest to your blinds to smooth the atmosphere.

Great for Old and New

These ideas aren’t just great for old windows either. If you’re considering buying new stylish roof windows then thinking about your décor can help you to choose the right design. It only takes a little bit of thought to turn windows from something that’s purely functional into something that adds to the character of your home.