How To Plan Your Family’s New Home Theater Room

Adding a home theater to your home has so many benefits. It is a way for the entire family to have fun together without spending a lot of money. It encourages teenagers to stay in versus running the streets. And it can even raise the resale value of your home.

When friends told me that it would be impossible to add a home theater room to my family’s incredibly small bungalow, I immediately thought of American actress Audrey Hepburn who once said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!”

It took some fairly strategic furniture arranging and strict adherence to a family budget, but we eventually transformed our living room into a multi-purpose theater room. Now everyone spends more time there, including some of our teens’ friends from the neighborhood.

Home Theater Options and Planning

Just because my family turned our living room into a theater room does not you’re your family has to go that same route. You can install a theater area in any room of your home, even a guest bedroom, a home office, the den, or the basement.

Having a home theater, when installed correctly can improve the overall appearance of a room. It could be your family’s new favorite hangout spot! Here are some suggestions for adding a theater room in your family’s home.

  • Make a Plan – In addition to deciding on a budget of what your family can realistically afford, have every person in your family draw a picture of their ideal theater room. You might be surprised at some of the suggestions, and it is fun to incorporate ideas from the whole family.
  • Add Variety – Most home theater rooms are actually multipurpose rooms. They also serve as a game room, party room, or even place to hold neighborhood committee meetings or get-togethers.
  • Adequate Lighting – While the screen or television will be the primary source of lighting during the movie, you will also want some kind of safety lighting, like a light near the doorway or rope lights. You will also want adequate lighting for non-movie times, too.
  • Comfortable Seating – Before investing in antique auditorium chairs for your home theater, check out the reviews online. You may be surprised at the affordability of small scale recliners with built-in cup holders that offer more comfort than vintage seats.
  • Simple Décor – When you go to the cinema, there is a distinct lack of decoration once you are inside the theater itself. That is because it detracts from the screen. While it is fine to have things on the walls in your theater room, avoid placing them too close to the television.
  • Surround Sound – Choose a speaker system that has at least five speakers and then arrange them around the room. This will do wonders towards giving the room the feeling of being at the theater. However, it will also help when listening to music and is a fun addition to video games.
  • Color Choices – Whatever color you choose, whether it is something neutral like beige or bright primary hue, once the lights are out nobody will see it. If your children and teenagers ask for the walls to be purple and orange, there is little harm in giving in to this easy compromise.
  • Accessories – It seems each electronic device has its own remote control or other accessory. Gaming consoles have controllers and headsets. It is easy to lose these extra items. Use a basket or cabinet to keep all these extras in a central location for easy access.

An important thing to consider is that no two theater rooms are alike. Just because your family prefers one style of décor does not mean it is wrong. Your family’s new theater room should suit your budget as much as it reflects your personal tastes and style.

Home Theater Rooms and Teenagers

Adding a home theater room to your home is not only a great way to spend time with your family, but it is also a great way to encourage your teenagers to stay home and out of trouble. You can do this by making the space inviting for their friends as well.

When encouraging teens to hang out at home, it is important to make the atmosphere as welcoming as possible. Be ready to entertain them and their friends by having plenty of snacks on hand. Additionally you can section part of the area as a game room with video or board games.

Freelance writer Sophie Evans lives in Balboa Beach, California with her husband Rick and their two children. She often turns to the internet for information, whether she is researching or reading reviews at sites like before making a major purchase.