5 Home Refurbishment Ideas

Nowadays it’s so difficult for anyone to afford buying a new home. If you can’t buy your dream home just now why not try refurbishing your house. Here are five home refurbishment ideas for your home to get you started. It’s important that you always remind to plan carefully, set a budget and according to that research the various options. We are one of the best refurbishment companies in London which can help you with that.

Kitchen makeover

The kitchen, whether it’s large or small, is the heart of most homes. To change the look of it, you should consider refurbishing it. To start refurbishing your kitchen first thing to do is decide if it needs a dash of paint or just some simple cleaning. Kitchen remodelling can be very expensive so it’s much cheaper to refurbish the already existing cabinets, flooring and countertops. It’s amazing how just changing the drawers, putting new doors and handles to your cabinets, provide you a brand new kitchen in a cheap way.  You can refurbish your cabinets even by just painting the doors. Especially if the kitchen is dark use soft colours. It will help to brighten up the room. Consider putting proper lighting while refurbishing your kitchen, it’s very important.

Add some colour

Start refurbishing (in London or anywhere else) your home from your walls. If you want some changes, paint your interior walls and try adding some colour. Remember to always paint from top-down!

Refurbish your furniture

Most times you have to consider refurbishing works in your home because it’s necessary. But if instead you feel bored and fancy changing some little thing have you ever considered refurbishing your furniture? Try painting your furniture with different colours or applying some stencils on them. You can even look for some old furniture in flee markets especially if you like vintage style.  For example do you have an old tv cabinet that you don’t use anymore? Have you ever thought of refurbishing it into an office workstation? Whit a bit of imagination you can create anything you want.


Another refurbishment idea is extending your property. If the only way you can do it is in your garden ,adding a conservatory is the best way. You don’t even need a planning permission for most conservatories. You just have to choose the style you prefer whether modern or more traditional, for example Victorian style. The addition of a conservatory will provide you some extra luminous space.

Smart-Storage Garage

Need more room to store your stuff? Consider refurbishing your garage in a smart-storage room without moving the walls or having to get rid of your car. Always remember your garage is one of the largest rooms in your house. The key is good- planning of course.  You can use a variety of storage systems to give anything a place of its own. Use shelves, hook and hanger combinations, cabinets and more.