Bathroom Installation – Bathroom Style Inspiration

Bathroom Installation

The bathroom is a function driven room in the home – you need a toilet, a sink and a bathtub or shower (or both). Obviously, that doesn’t mean aesthetics cannot play a big role in your bathroom installation. Your design will depend on the type of bathroom you are designing, whether it’s a spa bathroom, a simple guest bathroom or maybe a multimedia bathroom (replete with plasma TV’s and surround sound audio!).

If you are looking for fresh ideas to inspire your bathroom installation, we have some suggestions.

Contemporary Bathroom Installation

full refurbished luxury batroom

There are many kinds of accessories to choose from when designing your bathroom installation, from heated floors to whirlpool spa tubs to a steam room shower. This contemporary bathroom has a big, beautiful shower with plenty of room for a more spa-like experience. The earth tones multi-coloured tile evokes a calm and relaxing mood. In true contemporary style, this bathroom installation is a good example simple design and décor.

Get Playful with an Orange Bathroom

orange modern bathroom full refurbishment

This bathroom is very spacious, with bright tiling and creative patterns. The wall separation allows for a ‘his and her’ joined bathroom that allows for privacy as well as open communication. Many busy couples use the time in the morning while they get ready to discuss matters, and so they prefer a bathroom where privacy doesn’t mean being separated.

Using Cool Colours for a Lovely Bathroom

blue purple refurbished bathroom

The bathroom is generally a small space already crowded with beauty and hygiene products and bulky towels; therefore, getting creative with your installations for optimal space usage is key. By installing the sink and toilet straight into the storage cabinets, the minimal space is maximized, even allowing for a luxurious bathtub. The white furniture and sunlight from the window mixed with colour elements in the curtains and flowers make this bathroom installation feel simultaneously inviting and calming.

Inspiration for a Romantic Bathroom Installation

Black Bathroom Full Refurbishment

The rich composition of warm colours in their deepest hues, a classic claw foot soaking tub and a single yellow Renaissance-style chair give this bathroom an elegant appeal. The mood is luxurious without being decadent, as there are few amenities or accessories.

A bathroom Installation can be Bold and Blue-tiful

blue bathroom full refurbishment

This futuristic bathroom feels almost space-aged with its shimmering tile wall-paneling, bright blue and white contrasting colour scheme and linear overhead lighting. The high ceilings and bold geometry of the shower are softened by a plush shag rug and large portable ottoman. Form and function (note the table for washing products in the shower) are married to create a dynamic bathroom.


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