Being Neighborly: Build Fences Not Boundaries

Building fence is a traditional method used by people to safeguard their property against encroachment. In residential areas, families with small children or pets build fences to maintain an area safe enough for them to play in without supervision. A fenced in backyard gives privacy for a family to spend time together, lounging around without people staring at their private moments. A fenced in area awards the people with an opportunity to have a flower garden and install garden furniture without fear of anyone stealing or damaging them.

Fencing for safety of small children and pets

To make your courtyard safe for your children to run around and exercise in, seek an expert’s advice about garden furniture so that it does not break, even if they climb on it. A sensible option is to have wooden planks in the backyard for them to run around and also avoid getting hurt. If one has pets like dogs or rabbits, it is unfair to let them have a free reign around the neighborhood as they will either get hit by a speeding vehicle or destroy someone else’s garden. Hence a fenced in area will give them enough exercise and ensure that a pet does not become a pest for neighbors.

Maintaining neighborly relations with fences

While fences help maintain some amount of privacy; it should not seem as a barrier when it comes to maintaining neighborly relations. In rural neighborhoods, it is a preferred norm to have a strong fence in the backyard coupled with an open front yard. This way you get to see your close neighbors on a regular basis and in turn be able to maintain cordial relations with one and all.

In neighborhoods with families that have stayed in the area for several years and know each other very well, it is a common practice to share a combined fenced backyard for a row of houses. This will enable children to enjoy facilities like a common swimming pool, tree houses, swings etc. on each other’s property. It also gives children more open spaces to play in and make friends without parents having to worry about their safety. With this said and done, it’s safe to assume that such actions will enhance the very essence of friendliness amongst the neighbors, keeping the harmony intact.

Urban areas and fences

People in urban areas with high numbers of break-ins or robberies prefer to have strong fenced in backyards and front yards. Besides having strong walled in yards, people also install prickly hedges along the yards to keep off burglars. In some areas, people even install burglar alarms in strategic locations around the walls.


Building fences, therefore, does not need to be an impediment when it comes to maintaining neighborly relations. Fences give privacy when required and ensure that pets do not become a nuisance to others. It would be beneficial for neighbors to have low fences so they can greet each other while their children can also inculcate strong friendship bonds with each other.

People from large cities are always a little cautious about neighbors; therefore, they like to maintain their privacy by installing a high fence. However, in rural or suburban areas with row houses, people generally prefer to have open front yards and closed backyards.

This guest post is written by Nathan Manning. He provides ideas and tips on home renovation and works with some specialist fence builders, thus adding a state of elegance to your new home.