Extreme sofa design ideas

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You wouldn’t think there was much you could do to the design of the humble sofa but you would be mistaken. Some bold and innovative thinkers have come up with some very inventive design ideas over the years and even now, new concepts in sitting are being created. These new designs usually take one of a number of forms, which we’ve outlined below.

The combination sofa

Over the years our living spaces have grown smaller. As the population of the UK grows, houses are divided into flats and the fight for space grows more intense. This has led designers to try and create a new type of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Just like they are in a caravan or narrow boat, sofas are increasingly being built with more than one purpose in mind. Frequently they function as sofa beds, some are made with built in speaker systems. There are even those that come with small fridge units in the arms, handy for keeping a beer cold and meaning you don’t have to get up all the time.

Sofas as art

Originally created by Salvador Dali in 1937, the Mae West Lips sofa is an iconic piece of furniture design. This idea has been taken a step further by other designers and now you can have the pleasure of sitting on a sofa in all forms of weird and wonderful designs. How about a sofa that’s designed to look like a coffin with the lid open or one that’s made up of a series of large cushions designed to look like boulders? These kinds of design are as stimulating to the eyes and the mind as they are to our sense of comfort.


This is a form of recycling that involves taking existing items and improving them or reusing them in new ways. So, we get sofas made out of reclaimed floorboards, the rear seats from classic cars used as interior seating and all sorts of other crazy ideas. It’s great fun and really practical. After all, why throw something away when it can be reused with a bit of imagination?

Think creatively about what you could use old furniture before you throw it away. Pick up some cheap material at a bedding sale and you can use this to reupholster worn or tired looking furniture. It looks great and you have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.

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