External Decorating – Why Your Home Exterior Deteriorates So Fast

Have you ever wondered why your windows deteriorate so fast?

In a nutshell – moisture, sun and temperature variation.

On top of this you have poorly seasoned timber and previous inadequate decorating practices.

You will notice internal wood – on skirting, doors, frames, balustrades etc does not spilt or rot. If it does spilt it is cheap softwood and radiator heating that causes this.

Internal walls do not usually peal unless in a bathroom, with moisture.

You may notice that original wood in old widows, some over 75-100 years old, does not rot like modern timber.

Of course hardwood does not rot like softwood and rarely all the way through. You will see old oak sills rot on the top ¼“ and be rock solid underneath.

Softwood (more common than hardwood) does seem to “rot from the inside”.


If you ring up any decorating company to get a quote you’ll get the same techniques and materials, which don’t get the job done.

Decorators and carpenters do not know or, more truthfully, confront, what deteriorating timber is.

Splintering timber is sound, but soft or stringy timber is rotten. You don’t need to wait until it’s all like butter to call it rotten.

Sills and bottom rails, where water gathers, rot first, due to the sun and the cold causing wood to shrink and expand (like on front doors), paint cracks, wood gets exposed and the process starts.

So, our external decorating services include the following;

1. Remove by shaving back or cutting out soft stringy wood. Sanding it doesn’t do it. Cut back to good splintery wood.
2. On joints and edge fill with the miracle of repair materials – Windowcare. Nothing else does the job.
3. On rotten wood, drill out (like tooth decay) and replace with new timber and Windowcare (or similar). Don’t glue and screw, as of old – it moves.
4. Use silicon (not caulk) to fill gaps.
5. Use 2 pack filler on only small surface holes – aesthetic use.
6. Paint enough coats – 2-3, not 2 coats on the same day.
7. Putties – fully hack out those that have gaps between wood or glass. Try hard to hack out putties – if they don’t hack out, they are OK.

The above will give more longevity to the protection of external woodwork. Contact us today for any external decorating work needed to your property and we will ensure you have a long-lasting finish.