Home Office Decorating Tips

Here in London there are many people who don’t work in cubicles anymore. Working at home is a comfortable option, but it needs a place which is 100{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} functional and stimulating. In order to be productive, in fact, you don’t need just a good attitude: your home office has to be designed and decorated in the right way. In this article we will see somevery basic pieces of advice on the topic (even if you don’t live in London of course!), and also a few interesting accessories.

Some tips

If you have to pick the colours of the room, try virtual painting software to help you decide. Consider how much light you need in order to work without damaging your eyes. Keep in mind that your chair is your throne, so it must be comfortable and should provide good back and arm support. Your health is important, so be aware that your body will be influenced by your posture. Your desk is a mirror of your mind: pick a good one and keep it tidy to work better during the day. Do you prefer L-shaped or U-shaped?

Home Office Accessories

In order to help you make your home office even better, here is a list of very cool accessories you can get to make your office more appealing and modern:

Memo Mousepad

Why should your notepad be far away from the surface for your mouse? With a memo mousepad you can write down anything you like while at your pc.



Internet Notes Journal

Your secret place to store internet usernames and passwords with old-fashioned ink. A journal can be very handy and doesn’t need to be rebooted!


Cool looking paperweight

It is a way to get something useful and unique on your desk. No boring office items! Be creative and pick something weird, beautiful or with a special meaning for you.




 4. Original dustbin

Even a dustbin can be a chance to add some colour and fantasy to your home office to make it a more enjoyable place!