Deciding Upon A Style For Your Home

Choosing the right wallpaper to put up in your home can be a difficult decision and isn’t something that should be rushed into. Once your house is decorated you will more than likely stay with this design for many years to come, so you want to make sure that it is as near to perfect as you can get first time around. If you are not an interior design expert, reading around and brushing up on other peoples tips will help to give you an eye for design and what you should be trying to achieve with the ideas you have. It also depends a lot on the type of property you own and the actual reason for your home decoration.

The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the purpose of your home decoration. You may be a new couple buying their first home and have the intention of living here for many years to come, or are perhaps a property developer who simply likes to buy houses to decorate and then sell on at a profit. If you are the first kind and it is more of a family home that you own, then you have much more free reign with your choices. It is going to be your home and personal taste is allowed to be wallpapered across any room you like.

You can quite simply please yourself and make the room appealing to your taste and the others living in the house, rather than making it look a certain way that others deem stylish. If you are a property developer or like to move around a lot and want to make a profit, you need to keep it simple. Picking out a garish wallpaper pattern that you personally like is not the best idea. Keeping things neutral and clean make the house look more like a blank canvas for a potential buyer to see and picture themselves living there, it allows them to envision the walls covered how they want them to be.

Once this aspect has been decided you need to take into account the size of the house. If you have a large four bedroom detached house with bundles of space you can choose bolder designs. If you are decorating a one bedroom flat you need to make sure not to overpower the rooms you do have. With large spaces you can be more creative with deeper shades but when working with a condensed space you should always use light and bright colours to help bounce light around the room and make it feel larger than it appears.

Of course which room within the house you are decorating will help to distinguish the style you want. If it is a living room everybody’s opinion matters, but if it is a bedroom then the decision lies with the person who will be sleeping in it ultimately. Most people like to have a feature wall within the living room, and something that seems to be popular is floral wallpaper designs. Upon first thought people come to the conclusion that this will be a ‘girly’ option however with the wide range on offer there are some subtle designs that create interest in the room without making it feel feminine.

Stripes also look great and you have the choice of vertical or horizontal, of which both have their plus and minus points. This style like the previous has preconception and is often deemed more suitable to boys, but again with the vast choice on offer you can create a stylish feature wall with either design that you will love to walk in and see every day.