How to choose custom made / bespoke furniture

Are you creative enough to make your home look different? Do you have ideas that might enhance its beauty? Then it’s certainly time to think about this new and original type of furniture. Bespoke is all about originality, innovation, and ingenuity. Think outside the box and convert your personal space into the most welcoming home. The concept of bespoke furniture refers to any type of custom-made furniture. It can be made according to customer requirement and it ranges from chairs and tables, doors, bed headboards, shelves, and even cabinets. The term “bespoke furniture” is commonly used in the U.K, and the Americans prefer to call it “custom-made furniture”.

Choosing bespoke furniture for your home

bespoke furniture1Those who choose to re-decorate their home interiors turn to prefabricated furniture. Slowly but surely, we’ve reached a conclusion: average furniture is boring. There’s certainly no doubt about that, and if we want to make our homes look appealing, it’s critical to be creative. Custom-made furniture comes with great benefits, and although the price for such an item can be a bit high sometimes, you’ll be 100{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} satisfied with the result. We love bespoke furniture because it gives us the liberty to choose our own design. We may like a certain model but if the color doesn’t appeal to our senses, we can always change it.

You can also decide what type of finishes to use, as well as the color and the material. Some people are pleased to know that they can also incorporate extra fabrics in different pieces of furniture (like dining chairs, for instance). Bespoke furniture ranges from dining area furniture and kitchen cabinets, to living area fixtures and bedroom items. Prior to starting the remodeling process, it’s essential to pick a manufacturer. Note that bespoke furniture requires craftsmanship, talent, and ultimately, a keen eye for interior design. The person who will make your home furniture will have to look at your home first, take measurements, listen to your demands, and then start the creation process.

How to choose a manufacturer

  • Find out whether the manufacturer has a track record: Once you’ve decided to opt for custom-made furniture, all you have to do is find a serious manufacturer. Since your furniture will depend on the skills of the designer, you will need to look for a manufacturer whose creations were praised by his former customers. This means that you will need to ask several questions before signing the contract, most of them being related to experience and amount of time that they’ve spent working on the project. A serious manufacturer will answer to all your questions and will even give references of other customers that have worked with them.Decorating

  • Check whether the manufacturer’s vision matches yours: Their vision should definitely match yours, as this is the only guarantee that the final product will be exactly how you want. You must have the same stylistic views otherwise you will end up going home with a piece of furniture that matches neither your interior decorations, nor your preferences.

  • Check out their previous works: A selected manufacturer must be able to create long-lasting furniture. Ask them about previous clients and persuade them to show you some previous works completed. After all, it’s your right to do this. Bespoke furniture is more expensive than prefabricated items, so you need to make sure that your money is invested in something that’s worth the effort.

General benefits of custom-made furniture

bespoke furniture2Understanding the benefits of bespoke furniture is essential, as this is the only way you can ensure that your money is spent on something durable. Unlike average chairs and sofas that you buy from the market, custom pieces are made in front of you. Hence, you are 100{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} sure that the quality exists and that the materials used are chemical-free, genuine, and ultimately, modern.

  • Custom-made furniture suits your needs

This is perhaps the main benefit of bespoke furniture. Everything is built according to your indications so it’s almost impossible not to like the end result. Prefabricated pieces of furniture constrain customers with their fixed shapes and sizes, and this can be very annoying, especially when you need to buy furniture for a small room. Bespoke pieces are created based on exact measurements, meaning that they will fit perfectly. A custom designer is like a talented architect, which means that his duty is to design something that fits.

  • Flexibility and durability

Custom-made furniture is great because it can last for a very long time. Believe it or not, most shops feature a lower standard than bespoke furniture; manufacturers are interested mainly in cutting down costs so that they can sell it at a more attractive price. Buyers who want to invest in custom furniture are looking for high-quality products and are less worried about cost. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot establish a limit to your budget. You can talk with the designer and tell him to use high-quality materials, while still remaining on budget.

In case you didn’t know, prefabricated pieces of furniture are not offering so much flexibility because designers don’t know how owners will use them. This is one of the reasons why custom furnishings allow you to keep a piece of furniture for decades.

  • Control over price

Even though custom furniture is regarded as an expensive choice, the truth is that the buyer is given complete control over the situation; he has the freedom to choose between mid and high price ranges. Besides, the investment is profitable because it gives you the chance to use your imagination and include your own ideas into your residence.

Most designers want to talk to you about budget first, so that they can get a better idea about what materials to use and the amount of features and decorations they can include.

Bespoke furniture – innovative ideas to have in mind

bespoke furnitureLet us begin by saying that custom furniture pieces promote freedom of expression, and that’s extremely interesting. People want to have unique homes, they want to mix style they never thought they could, and they want to opt for materials and concepts that are unusual and peculiar yet extremely enticing and attention-grabbing.

Multi-functional furniture

The concept is not new, but considering that we’re talking about bespoke furniture now it’s the perfect time to put your imagination to the ultimate test. Assuming that you live alone in a 50 sq. ft-apartment, it goes without saying that space is a problem. Furniture pieces such as tables turned into office desks, sofas that become bunker beds, and coffee tables that expand, are excellent bespoke items you can opt for to make more spacious yet keep your space tidy.

Furniture driven by technology

That’s what we’re talking about. Who wouldn’t want to have a massage sofa? Mixing advanced technology with furniture pieces for our homes is the ultimate concept. A nightstand with USB ports and chargers for your laptop, iPad, and phone, is certainly an ingenious idea.  Can you imagine pulling out the drawers and finding properly arranged ports for your believed gadgets?

Ethnic-like furniture

Are you a cultural person who likes foreign customs and traditions, and their décor influences? Do you have an eye for improvisations and want to make your home look different? Then adding an ethnic touch to your furniture items is an excellent idea. China for example, is famous for its black-red color palette and traditional pottery. If your living room looks boring, paint one wall in bloody red, paint your furniture (or just one piece) in black, and the wow effect is guaranteed.

Statement pieces

Not everybody can afford to have their entire living rooms custom made. Yet, even if you don’t have the money, this doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. For example, a living room’s centerpiece is usually the hardwood table placed in the middle. Are you sick and tired with the shape and color? Do you want to give it a twist? Head over to your neighbor and ask him for a sander. Re-shape the table by giving it a curvy appeal and buy some yellow paint to cover the surfaces. That’s all you need to change your living room’s entire allure. A single statement item like a table placed in the middle will bring some more innovation to your beloved home.

Choosing bespoke furniture is a matter of perception. There’s no exact recipe or specific rules to abide by. We, as homeowners, have the freedom to pick out whatever we like. If you want to add some innovation but you don’t have an eye for design, talk to a manufacturer who makes bespoke furniture. Ask for advice, look online for ideas, and put them into practice. The internet is our mentor; it guides us and it can help us make the right choices. The concept of custom furniture may not be new, but the original ideas we can come up with to change our home’s design are endless. If you’re a fan of genuine home adjustment and you want to give your furniture a twist, go bespoke and you’ll love the end result.