Creative yet Cheap Lighting Ideas to Spice up Your Home


Home is the place where we relax, entertain and our refuge from the world.  We tend to decorate and arrange it in ways and with things that define us. This process of course includes lighting. Lighting a home involves more than just sticking a light bulb in a lamp. Instead we set moods with the way we light our homes, use it to accessorize and make a place warm and inviting. Since most households also have a budget finding creative cheap lighting ideas that also enhance our living space is not always easy. However there are possible solutions. Consider a few of the following ideas.

Paper Lanterns

The Chinese have used paper lanterns since ancient times. Here, they are frequently used to light up and decorate outdoor parties. Why not bring the concept inside for an attractive lighting display?  You can buy inexpensive strings of lanterns at local retail stores or you can make your own from folding paper. Folding your own takes some time depending on technique but when finished you have a gorgeous light to illuminate your space as well as add to your home décor.

Globe Pendant Lamp

This idea not only provides an inexpensive lighting option, it gives you something to do with that old globe gathering dust in the attic. Cut the globe in half. This will give you two lamps. Cut a hole in the top sized to accommodate the needed wiring. Insert the wiring   into the top of each half, add the bulbs and hang from the ceiling. These pendent globe lamps would look great in the den or over a teen’s desk.

Buckets of Light

This unusual but beautiful light casts an upward soft glow of colored light. You can make it yourself from a metal flower pot with a hole in the bottom. Just feed a string of multicolored lights through the bottom. If you want a burst of light use more lights. For a softer look use fewer lights. You can also use all white lights if preferred. Since this idea literally only takes minutes to assemble, make several and place in a row or around different spots in the room for a creative affect.

Vintage Lamps

If you really aren’t much of a crafty person but don’t want to pay  full price for a brand new table lamp check out your local vintage and thrift shops. You can find lamps of all sizes and shapes, with or without lampshades. You can also find vintage lampshades sold separately if needed. Just be sure there are no broken parts. Keep in mind too that older lamps may not be able to handle the higher wattage bulbs available today so adjust the bulb you use accordingly. Ask the shop clerk if you can plug it in and test it out. If you have other shopping to do maybe they will let you leave it on behind the counter while you shop the rest of the store. That way you can see how it handles extended use and be sure it works properly before taking it home.


If you like the outdoors look this chandelier project is just right for you. You can use branches or even deer antlers if there is a hunter in your family. Whichever you choose, clean them off and pull off any bits and pieces of debris. While making this lighting fixture use a level table to work on. This helps it to appear evenly when hung instead of the bottom sloping even if you have the hanging cords correct. A lighting fixture shop can show you what parts are needed such as the type of bulbs that should be used. Once completed hang it over a dining room table or where people gather in a room. It will add unique lighting atmosphere as well as be a terrific conversation piece.

Choices in lighting never need to stop at boring one type fits all. By using these or your own creative ideas you can cut the costs of a necessity while adding charm to your home.

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