How to create a colorful kitchen


How colorful is your kitchen space? When what the last time you decided to paint your cabinets? Are you in need of a complete makeover? Boosting your kitchen’s appeal, making it looks more revitalized and full of life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out exorbitant amounts of cash to redecorate. Sometimes, the smallest details and the simplest alternations can work miracles. Painting kitchen units for example, is a convenient, fresh, and innovative way of adding some color to your old-fashioned, void kitchen. Let’s check out some original color combos you might want to have in mind.

Black and white influences

Nowadays, most kitchen spaces are painted in shades of white, beige, cream, ivory, and light yellow. However, too much white makes your space look empty, dull, and unappealing. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy new furniture or repaint the walls, you can always turn to a cheap yet chic alternative – cabinet painting. Black kitchen units combined with white walls will create a harmonious contrast and a color palette that you can use to include other shades. For an earthy appeal you can always opt for brown influences for your counters and additional accessories such as flower pots, kitchen paintings, and so on.

Warm beige kitchen units

The newest trend in kitchen design is to paint the walls in a dark color. The dramatic appeal of dark gray will make your cooking space extremely enclosed and murky. To neutralize that effect, you can always paint the cabinets in a lighter shade such as warm beige. The palette is extremely warm, it will make your kitchen feel and look cozy, not to mention that you can always complete the décor with stainless steel appliances. People’s home are starting to look increasingly more minimalistic, and as far as the kitchen is concerned, painting the units in a neutral, warm shade allows you to keep things casual and homey.

Statement colors

Kitchens are not meant to look dull, especially since they’re known to be the heart and soul of the entire house. If you want to make your space stand out, you can always choose to paint the kitchen cabinets in a bold color. Be careful though as you don’t want to make your cooking space look like a summer salad. While pops of color are ok, keep it down and don’t exaggerate. Bloody red kitchen units for example, will completely change your kitchen’s décor. However, for the color to match with the rest of the furnishings, the walls must be white, as well as the floor. The red color should be a clear dominant if your want to have a space that screams minimalism.

Painted kitchen cabinets – excellent ideas to convert your kitchen into a sanctuary

Not many homeowners are willing to devote their time to re-painting their kitchen cabinets. The whole activity is rather challenging if you’re a beginner, so you might want to consider hiring someone else to do the painting. A better solution would be to buy new cabinets, but why spend the extra cash when you can have your cabinets fully reinstated by an expert?

Handmade kitchen units are in trend right now. Increasingly more people have started to consider the services of an expert painter. If your family is packed with kids, you can always think of incorporating kid-friendly kitchen cabinets. Toddlers are extremely curious, and they’re mostly attracted by bold colors. Hence, if you’re thinking of having your units re-painted and beautifully adorned with the most appealing shades, your best solution would be to hire a professional.

DIY – painting kitchen cabinets

Home improvement services are expensive and for some people it’s just too much to spend $1,000 on a complete kitchen cabinet remodeling. A less expensive solution is to paint the units yourself. It will take a while because the process needs patience, but in the end you’ll be pleased with the result.

Start with the basics. Take down your cabinets and place them on the ground, on a layer of paper. You can always take them outside if you want them to dry faster. Essential steps to consider when painting kitchen cabinets:

–       remove the cabinet doors

–       Scrub the existing paint with an abrasive pad soaked in a liquid deglosser

–       Sand the surface afterwards using a tack cloth

–       Start painting

–       Watch out for the details

–       Include more than one color

–       To make things interesting, take a small brush and showcase your drawing talents to make your kids happy

–       Let the cabinets dry for 24 h

Kitchens shouldn’t look dull and boring, they should be lively, filled with colorful details, and invigorating. The day starts with a healthy breakfast in the kitchen and it ends with a loving family dinner (also in the kitchen). Why should you have to stick to a dreary décor when you can spice things up by painting your cabinets in beautiful color palettes?