3 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosy

classic red bedroom full refurbishment

Your bedroom is the place in your home where you should feel like you are able to get away from all the life stresses. If you feel worse coming out of your bedroom than you do going in, then it is time to do something about it. Your bedroom should always have a luxurious feel to it, allowing you to feel cosy and comfortable at all times. To make your bedroom nice and stylish, follow these three steps.


The lighting in your room will have a real big impact on how you feel in your room. Dimmer switch controlled lighting is probably the best choice of lighting to have in a bedroom. Dimmer switch lighting will allow you to control the lighting in your bedroom, so if you decide that you want a nice bright atmosphere during early evening it is possible. You can then choose to dim it down a little so that it can be a little more subtle and relaxing. If you are not able to get an electrician to come in and fit you a dimmer switch, you should maybe instead have a lamp as well as your main light. You can use the lamp at times which you want to create a more peaceful atmosphere. You can even get some little tea light candles to have around the room during times like this.


If you find that your bedroom is cold most of the time, then you will know that it is probably impossible to relax in. Your bedroom should be the place where you can lie back and relax without having to worry. It can get rather expensive having the heating on permanently on in your home, especially just to heat up one room. Instead you can use a portable heater to provide you with some heat in your bedroom. To get your bed real nice and cosy, you can get one of the top rated heated luxurious bedspreads to make it extra cosy on cold nights.


The main thing about your bedroom is the comfort which it is going to provide. You should make sure that you have a nice thick duvet to keep you warm during the night. If you have had your duvet for a long time then you may find it will start to go lumpy in places, this can get quite uncomfortable so you should probably replace it at this point. You should always make sure that your pillows are fluffy and bouncy; this will provide you with a better sleep at night. It is often advised that you should turn your mattress over every few months, this will stop it from going lumpy and uncomfortable, if you have turned it too many times that it is still uncomfortable then you can always buy a mattress protector which will give you extra comfort.

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