How to choose the best entrance mat for your house

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Entrance mats are no longer boring and unappealing, and people are finally starting to understand their purpose.  How much do you care for the exterior design of your porch? Are you looking to make your home welcoming for people knocking on your door? In that case you need creative entrance mats to make an impression.  Prior to starting to spend money on all sorts of rugs and runner there are a few guidelines you might want to consider. Let’s not forget that entrance mats have a purpose, so apart from a great design it’s equally important to pick the best materials, shapes, and sizes.

What are the best materials for my entrance mat?

You might want to answer this question first: are you looking to invest in a doormat that you can place outside our home, inside, or both? Homeowners make the mistake of choosing the most boring mats for their porch, and that doesn’t make your home appealing at all. Why not try to be creative? Opt for durable material types but also think of picking out an original design, color, or patterns.

Rubber, cork, aluminum, coco brush, polycoir, teak, nylon, woven sea grass, and cedar, are excellent materials to have in mind. Some of them can be washed easily with mild soap, while others are cleaned through mere shaking to take out dirt.

Tips: let’s not forget that people will wipe off dirt and grime from their feet, as well as snow, water, and all sorts of chemicals. It’s extremely important to opt for a material type that’s resistant and weather-proof.  As far as color is concerned, some homeowners go for darker shades to mask that ugly appeal of a dirty rug.


There’s a big difference between mats placed outside your home and mats placed inside. Harsh climates can destroy a rug so that’s why people should place more durable rugs outside. Invest in a mat with a scraping, more abrasive surface. Hence, you’ll be able to wipe off dirt a lot easier. High-traffic areas of the home should have thicker mats with a rubber bottom for some extra stability.

Entrance mats placed inside the home are a bit different. They’re not that tick, but they should be equally durable and resistant. A nice design and a beautiful pattern is more than recommended, but let us not forget that the mat should be able to absorb dirt efficiently. Wipers made of nylon are excellent choices because they trap dust and keep your footwear dry. Let’s go over some important maintenance guidelines:

  • Choose entrance mats made of durable materials

  • Shake them to remove dirt at least 2 times a week

  • You can also vacuum the mats if that’s easier

  • Before placing them at the entrance make sure they’re dry

The main purpose of an entrance mat is to prevent grime and filth from invading your home. Yet, that’s not a reason to invest in the thickest, ugliest mat. It might be a smart choice to opt for a beautiful design as well. Some people want to be creative and they just love to improvise and make their homes truly welcoming. Check out the following guidelines:

  • Opt for a doormat that mixes performance with style

  • Place two rugs at the doorway, one on the inside, one on the outside

  • Entrance mats should be large enough to fit both your feet

  • Think of a darker shade for your outside mats and a lighter shade for your inside mat

Efficient cleaning tips

Doormats are probably your home’s dirtiest and filthiest décor items. They must be efficiently cleaned, and we must not just resume to shaking. We can’t expect to have a clean home if we don’t wash our doormats too every once in a while. We can opt for mild detergents and a brush.

Warning: don’t put your mats into the washing machine unless the material is pure cotton and there’s a special program for mats.

Differences between outdoor entrance mats and indoor entrance mats

These two types of entrance mats are NOT the same, so make sure you have that cleared out prior to starting a shopping spree. Outdoor rugs are usually made of ticker materials that can drain out dirt and water. Rubber, plastic, and cork for example are excellent options. They’re also durable and they won’t get damaged because of harsh weather conditions. Also, pick a darker shade because outside weather can discolor your mat, whether we’re talking about sun, snow, harsh wind, or excessive rain.

As far as inside rugs as concerned, homeowners have a plethora of designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from. The material doesn’t have to be that thick, and you can also decide on a more appealing color. Runners are great choices because they’re not slippery on marble flooring, and regarding the design, just make sure it beautifully compliments the overall design and style of your home. Learn the main differences and you’ll have a chemical-free home for weeks, not to mention that properly selected rugs can also beautify your hallway.

Most creative ideas for entrance mats

Motion-Sensor Doormat

entrance matsIf you’re a tech freak that wants to use advanced technology in every corner of his house, an entrance mat provided with motion sensors that detects people presence is exactly what you need. Isn’t that cool or what? When you step on it, lights begin to glow, making you feel special. Chances are your guests will be terrified the first time they step on the mat, but they will definitely appreciate your sense of humor when they will realize what’s happening. Doormats should be used to prevent dirt from entering your home, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot be funny at the same time.

Space Invaders Entrance Mat

entrance mats1Don’t worry nobody’s going to invade anything; ok, maybe your sense of humor. This type of entrance mat will definitely get noticed, because it is provided with LED lights that form an animation sequence when they glow. When you step on the doormat, the LED lights start to blaze, so wipe your feet if you want to get it. Just kidding!  It’s definitely a must-have, and one of its greatest advantages is that it works on batteries, so it can last quite a long time as long as it’s well-maintained. Turn your entrance door into a spatial gateway and make guests feel thrilled every time they walk through it.

Binary Entrance Mat

entrance mats2Choosing an entrance mat that welcomes your guests with a binary code is a great idea, especially if you’re a computer enthusiast. The short messages featured on the doormat are unique, and that makes it look retro. Tech lovers know how important durability can be, and that’s why this doormat is fixed with a needle. Not only that no moisture or dirt will enter your residence, but it will also act as a guarantee that your guests will always be in a good mood. Forget about ordinary entrance mats and display your originality with a binary mat.

Black River Stone Entrance Mat

entrance mats3If you want a durable doormat, a black stone entrance mat is a perfect choice. Actually, it’s so durable that it can be used in all possible seasons. Besides, its appearance is very natural and will manage to attract attention. Made up of polished river stones that are fixed using strong adhesive, the mat provides a unique look that will be admired by anyone who enters your home. Truly innovative indeed!


entrance mats4Are you an avid Apple fan? This type of entrance mat can provide you with the same feeling while you sweep your feet. If you love your iPhone or iPad, you’ll definitely enjoy feeling as if you used an application to enter your home. Featuring the message “slide to unlock”, this entrance mat informs guests to wipe their feet before entering, but in a really funny way. Preventing unwanted dirt from entering your home has never been easier thanks to the amazing iDoorMat made of coconut fiber combined with PVC.

Doormat Scale

entrance mats5Believe it or not, this doormat is actually provided with a weight scale, which means some people will hate it, especially women. Every time you enter your or leave the home, you’ll know your weight, and that can be a stimulant for people who really want to lose weight. Most of us have busy lifestyles, so it’s not like we have time to think of our weight. The idea is dead funny, and if you’re a homeowner who wants to be creative, a doormat scale is certainly an ingenious idea.

How developed is your sense of humor? Doormats should be fun, welcoming, and ultimately creative. Of course, it’s important to think about quality as well because at the end of the day you want a clean home too. As you can see, the plethora of funny mats for your entrance door is endless, so you can play with your imagination and make guests knock on your door with a big smile on their face.