Bring Your Bathroom to the Modern Day

As with everything in today’s climate whether it is property, technology, services or otherwise, it is a fundamental and expected requirement that it is modern and up to date. This allows for everyone to enjoy the most out of the service or product and is especially important when you come to sell.

This is the same with the interior decoration of your house and the standard that your house is up to, specifically the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Modernising your bathroom may seem like a daunting task to even the most experienced of renovators, however, this is far from the truth and can be done with even the most basic of DIY experience.

Bath and Shower
Interior of bath room

Whatever state your bathroom is in; with some simple yet effective decisions you can re-inject some life into what should be, your relaxing haven. Spending some time on cleaning your bath tub and restoring its original smooth glow can greatly improve the image of your bathroom single handily. This can be achieved through a strong bath cleansing product available at most local home stores or even re-painting it with special bath gloss.

If your bath refuses to clean, it may be worthwhile investing in a shower enclosure to either take the place of your bath or stand independently. Offering the best showering experience available without going to a spa, shower enclosures can improve both the look and use of any bathroom significantly without affecting your budget dramatically. With choices available as to how extravagant you want to go, depending upon your budget, you can end up with multiple jets and a spa like feel in your own home.  With designs to match a wide range of styles, their minimalistic design enables it to blend in well with almost any other bathroom suite.

Flooring & Tiles

Stereotyped as one of the most expensive parts of any bathroom renovation, the floor and tiles are an aspect that is not to be overlooked. The flooring to begin with is one of the first things that you see when entering a bathroom so it is important to get it right. Depending on your budget, there are a number of choices available to you from vinyl flooring, tiles and wooden floorboards. Differing in price, they all offer a fresh, clean and smart finish to any bathroom that will compliment the rest of the bathroom. Sticking to a neutral and calm colour and design is advised, especially in larger bathrooms where there is a lot of open floor space.

If you are laying the flooring yourself, it is important to remember that tiles will require much more work and a set of rather specific tools. Whereas laying vinyl floor simply requires a sharp stanley knife and a good eye.

In terms of the walls and tiling, tiling will give the most professional and clinical finish as it prevents the walls from getting damp due to the heat and moisture that is apparent in bathrooms. Larger square or rectangle tiles will offer a professional and clean cut finish and brighten up the whole bathroom. To revive any current tiles, a quick and easy tip is to re grout in between them with a bright white grout to add and new and fresh image saving you from re-tiling the whole bathroom.

However, similar to flooring, these are expensive and sometimes require professional labour to lay them down. Therefore, if you are on a budget it is advised that you paint the walls a neutral colour to compliment your floor and space permitting, add a simple piece of furniture such as a small stool or a freestanding medicine cabinet to add another dimension to the room.



Finally, by adding some spotlights to the ceiling, this can add more light to the room and will avoid any harsh lighting from a conventional centre light fixing. Positioned properly, it will also highlight each feature in the bathroom and make the room look larger than it really is. Also, for personal use, it will add a sense of relaxation and enable you to enjoy every aspect of your bathroom.

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Photo Credit: alcalaten, Patrick Hoesly and chotda.