Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Painting and Decorating Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it does see of considerable use. A bathroom decoration also adds considerably to the value of your home since buyers tend to look for modern, updated bathrooms and kitchens when they search for a new home. The tips in this article will provide ideas about how to update your bathroom on a budget.

1. You first need a plan

You need to have everything planned out from the type of toilet to the type of paint and the flooring you want. You can’t just demolish the existing space first and then piece things together as inspiration comes to you. Make sure you create a plan covering what you want to change.

2. Replace the sink

When you’ve created your plan and are working to remodel the bathroom, the first step is to replace the sink. Even though there are jobs that seem larger, this is actually going to be one of the toughest jobs you deal with during a remodel. Select a good sink and install it before you move on to your new tile

3. Refinish the bathtub

If your bathtub and surroundings are looking worn, you may want to have them refinished. There are companies that completely cover your existing tub and surround with new material. The result looks like you have completely replaced the unit, and the cost is considerably less than a replacement.

4. Re-grout the existing tile

This job is going to take some skill and some elbow grease, but it will surely worth the effort. You can grout the existing tile a new color and put a new finish on it for an updated look, or you can go the harder route and actually put new tile down. If you’re opting for the former, make sure the existing floor is thoroughly clean and that the old grout is removed.

5. Paint the walls with semi-gloss paint

Wallpaper tends to be a thing of the past, and if your bathroom has one or more layers, it can be difficult to remove it. Using a steamer, streamline the task and after an hour or two you can have a bare wall to work with. If you want to paint the wall, make sure you use a primer and paint the walls with semi-gloss paint so you can easily wash it.

6. Install new toilet seat

Installing a new toilet is relatively easy if you have the muscle power to do it. Sometimes having a friend help with the task is advisable since toilets are ceramic and can break if they are not handled carefully. There are many choices of toilets available, including the water-saving type. You may also choose a model that is a bit taller unless you have small children in the family.

7. Replace the vanity and topper

A new vanity and topper can make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom since it is a small room. Consider replacing not only the vanity and topper, but add the matching accessories as well. A new medicine cabinet and a mirror that match the vanity can make your bath look new and modern.

8. Add new lighting fixtures

Once you have your new bathroom furniture installed, you can add new lighting fixtures. Sometimes the medicine cabinet includes lights along the top, or you can add a lighting fixture to fit over the mirror and cabinet. An overhead light and wall sconces should all match the style of your new furnishings.

9. Replace the shower door

Do you have a walk-in shower with doors that show wear around the edges? Just replacing the shower door with a new one can create the look of a whole new shower. There are many attractive styles to choose from, and you can find one that fits with the other decor of your bath.

10. Add new towels and rugs

Choose an attractive color scheme that you love and purchase some new towels and rugs for your updated bath. Do not throw the old ones away, but use them when you are not expecting company or as extras when the new ones are being laundered.

You may want to freshen up your bathroom for your own enjoyment, or to increase the equity in your home. Either way, these tips will help you get the most for your home improvement investment.

This post has been written by Marcus James. He loves to write about various home improvement factors. He is evangelist at Peterborough home builders company.