Bathroom designs for couples

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So you and your significant other have finally made the decision to move in together, congratulations!  Now you’ve found a home you love in the UK and your offer has been accepted, all that is left to do is move in and perhaps make some minor  improvements to your new home ,one of these improvements might be re-designing your bathroom.

When people move into a new home one of the things they usually like to replace/change, is the bathroom, not only to make it personal to their own tastes, but also because the idea of using someone else’s bathroom is off-putting to some people, they would rather install a new bathroom that is theirs and has never belonged to another person.

When designing your new bathroom your needs will very much dictate to you how you will design your bathroom and what you would like to be included in your bathroom. A bathroom designed for family use is going to be much simpler and much more standard, however, designing a bathroom for a couple can be more innovative and fresh.

If you are designing a bathroom for you and your partner, here are some things you might want to consider adding to the standard bathroom suite you usually see:

  • Most bathrooms have a shower these days, taking a shower is more popular than taking a bath nowadays, for a bathroom for a couple why not consider adding a shower big enough for both of you to use at the same time. It may add some romance to your bathroom.
  • As an alternative, or an addition, to the two person shower you and buy, there are also extra-large and/or king-size baths that are specifically designed for couples who like to share a bath and relax together. Imagine  a large bubble bath  surrounded by candles, with rose petals floating on the surface of the water.
  • If you do not have a very strict budget, or simply feel like treating yourself, why not think about buying a whirlpool bath, Jacuzzi or hot tub instead of the standard bath or double sized bath. Not only are these big enough for more than one person to get in at any one time, but they also provide a bit of luxury and romance into your new couples bathroom.  Further to this, you can host some fantastic hot tub parties.
  •  If your bathroom is a decent size, why not consider having couple basins, i.e. two sinks, one for each person.  This will allow you to do more things together, such as getting ready in the morning, but without getting in each-others way and arguing over who gets to use the mirror or brush their teeth first.
  • When you purchase your new bathroom suite, give some thought to the amount of storage that you will get from the furniture you are buying, remember that you will have things like that may want to keep in the bathroom (such as cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, etc), as well as needing enough storage for two people and all their bathroom products/medications etc.
  • Think about fixtures and fittings, for example, are you and your partner going to be using separate towels? If so then you will need to have two towel racks (or heated towel rails), one for each person, and if your accessories matching are important to you, then you will need to buy some towels that not only match with the bathroom décor but also match one another.
  • To make your bathroom really stand out and give it that magical touch, why not think about adding something like a fish tank.  Something that is relaxing and has the wow factor would be ideal for the bathroom, not to mention it will make the room much more romantic.
  • Will you be adding any entertainment into your bathroom?  Putting televisions and/or stereos into bathrooms is becoming very popular, especially with couples or families where the parents have an en-suite. Imagine sitting in your hot tub, or extra-large bath with your partner and romantic music playing in the background, or your favourite television show on the television…you may never leave the bathroom again!  If you do decide to add a television or any other electrical item, into your bathroom, consider whether it is likely to be damaged by humidity and bear this in mind when you place it in your bathroom. It may be an idea to add anything electrical close to extractor fans or windows that can be opened to allow the humidity to escape.
  • Consider how you want to decorate the bathroom, make sure you decorate the bathroom to both of your tastes so that you both can enjoy the ambience of the room.  Think about designing your bathroom with a theme in mind, for example, some people design their bathroom like the bathroom of a fancy hotel suite, so that every time they use their bathroom it feels like they are on holiday.
  • If you and your partner haven’t been together long, or one of your still likes your privacy when on the lavatory, you could consider buying a small room partition, so that when someone is on the loo their other half can still use the bathroom without encroaching completely on the privacy of their partner.

When it comes to designing or re-designing your bathroom, there are no rights or wrongs, you can design the bathroom however you choose and with whatever bathroom furniture you would like, if you don’t like or want a bath, you don’t have to include one in your bathroom design.  Be adventurous, add something special and unique to your bathroom to make it personal to your tastes, remember, you might not always have a bathroom that is solely for the use of you and your partner (especially if you are planning on starting a family), so indulge in a bit of luxury now while you can.

Redesigning your bathroom will probably be too much for a DIY project, if you have the budget you should consider using a professional interior design service.

About the author: Izzy Evans, 20 years old student, interior design enthusiast and blogger.