Bathroom design mistakes to avoid


At some point in our lives we are subjected to remodelling a bathroom, usually after the baton is passed to us from a previous home owner, leaving us with their 80’s avocado suite to rip out and replace with our own dream installation.

Remodelling a bathroom suite can be a long road, strewn with seemingly impossible to negotiate towel rail shaped hurdles, and in turn can sometimes result in some regrettable design choices.

With all the pressures of trying to get your bathroom suite lovingly designed to suit your every need as well as oozing a timeless appeal, its easy to make a mistake; a mistake that can leave you sitting on the toilet with your basin and pedestal in between your legs for all eternity (see number one).

Whether you’ve not measured up properly and attempted to crowbar a freestanding bath into your en-suite, or if you’ve chosen a delightful shade of neon avocado to make your suite really stand out, bathroom design mistakes are a bit like tattoos, easy to get but difficult and expensive to remove.

Fortunately, buying a bathroom is one of the few things you won’t find yourself doing while drunk on an 18-30s holiday and bathroom design mistakes can easily be avoided with the right knowledge, so here are a few points for your consideration.

Spacing features to close together

After demolishing the remains of your nicotine yellow bathroom suite with a large but suitable lump hammer, the excitement of measuring up your space and breathing new life into you suite could be so great that you forget to measure key aspects of the installation.

A mistake like this during the initial stages of development can leave you pining for the 70’s chic to return, as your new development turns out to be poorly spaced, too close together and not functional in its current state.

For example, you choose a shower, you measure the square space the shower will fit into, you forget to measure the amount the door will swing out, you install a basin, you attempt to open your shower door, it hits the basin and you are left with a square glass entity in the corner of your room that does nothing.

It might sound ridiculous but these sorts of mistakes really happen and they are expensive to undo, so make sure that you consider all possibilities when taking the lead with the tape measure.

Mixing traditional and contemporary designs

With enough research into the bathroom market you’ll begin to notice a significant divide between certain styles and brands.

Traditional bathroom styling utilises the same classical Edwardian and Victorian artistry that have remained at the forefront of bathroom design from day one, promising you a look that will always remain relevant.

If you decide you’d like a classically styled bathroom in your home then there is one golden rule you should never break; keep it traditional throughout.

When it comes to bathroom design, its best not to pick and choose products that you like without considering the trend they need to follow within the suite; you may love a contemporary tap but if it doesn’t go with the high splashbacks and period details of your suite then don’t add it to your basin.

This also works the other way round, if you’ve chosen an ultra modern minimalist suite, steer clear of spicing it up with classic crosshead pillar taps; it doesn’t work and it’s an expensive mistake to make considering the cost of a plumber.


Carpeting your bathroom may seem like an easy option, especially when you’ve got carpet throughout your house, particularly appealing given the thought of how warm it can make your bathroom suite.

Pushing those thoughts aside, think of the amount of water that gets splashed onto the bathroom floor throughout a normal day and how badly that can affect a carpet.

Carpet is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, so feeding it daily with your warm dirty bath water (and occasional toilet mishaps) will lead to a very pungent smell throughout your suite, transforming it from a warm retreat to a fungus infect nightmare.


When purchasing a new bathroom, we often notice our money running out sooner than expected; no budget is ever large enough to tackle everything.

As we watch our hard earned cash slowly diminish, we soon find ways to cut corners and unfortunately we can’t turn back time so the fitting process is next in line for a budget cut.

Getting Barry the plasterer round to fit your bathroom based on the notion that he dabbled in plumbing at college 12 years ago can prove a hugely regrettable mistake in your bathroom’s development.

Again, plumbing and fitting mistakes are easily done but undoing them can be much more costly, especially if you have to replace a cracked bath or broken basin.

If your budget is running low put the development on hold until you can spare enough money to get professional tradesman in to deliver their services; that way you should get the job done properly and leaves your plumber liable for any damages caused during the plumbing process.

Choose the right colours

To cut a long story short, simply choose white sanitaryware, there is no colour that holds its own as well as tried and true white ceramics; just use the infamous avocado suite as an example of what not to do.

So there you have it, five bathroom mistakes that are easily avoided given the right knowledge. You can now step forth into your bathroom confidently with a pencil behind your ear and a tap measure in your hand safe in the knowledge that you know how not to do it.

About the author: Izzy Evans, interior design enthusiast and blogger from Bathroom City.