How to Decorate a Luxury Bathroom


Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in any home, and they have come a long way from just being a functional room for washing and bathing. More people are now treating their bathroom as a sanctuary, a place where they can lay back and relax in a nice hot bath and forget their troubles for an hour or so.

Why you should upgrade your Bathroom

More people are looking for ways in which they can spruce up their old, staid and worn bathroom, and transform it in to a place where they can luxuriate and pamper themselves.

A good looking and luxurious bathroom can add a certain amount of chic and style to your home, as well as adding resale value to your home. The average bathroom does not have many different features, so by concentrating on these, you can really change the appearance of your bathroom to something more luxurious.

The Sink

A lot of people overlook the importance of the sink in the bathroom, and it is one of the most used items in anyone’s bathroom.

Choosing the right sink can completely change the appearance and feel of the room, and there are a number of different bathroom sinks to choose from including free standing sinks or ones that are encased within a cabinet.

The Bath

Taking a bath is one of those moments in life that can help you to relax and wash away both the physical and psychological detritus that you have accumulated during the day.

A long soak in a nice deep tub can completely alter your mood as well as cleansing your body, and so choosing a luxurious bath tub is an essential element to any luxurious bathroom. There are many contemporary designs, as well as more traditional designs.

The Decor

In order to complete the look, it is important not to overlook the importance of the decor of the room, such as the colour scheme and the tiles that you use. Good quality tiles can really add an extra dimension to your luxury bathroom, and a skilled tile fitter can transform a bathroom to one that is classy and sophisticated.

As you can see, there are not too many elements to luxury bathroom design, however, it is important that you get the selection of your bathroom items right, if you are going to create the luxurious feel that you want.

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Tips to Decorate your Home Theatre

home theatreHome theatres are the latest thing in home design. With the costs of big screen televisions, projectors and surround sound systems falling, people are often tempted to add a home theatre to their property, either by adding an extension, or converting an existing room.

A lot of people already know how they are going to kit out their home theatre with the latest gadgets, yet they are often unsure about how to choose the decor.

How to select the most suitable decor

When the time comes to decorate your home theatre, you will need to make sure that the decor does not detract from the film watching experience of you and your guests.

If you have the money, soundproofing is a good idea, as not only can you have the sound turned up as loud as you want it without disturbing other people in the house, or indeed the neighbours, you will also not have the problem of noise from outside coming in.


Lighting is important, and you will want a system that is not too expensive, but is easy to control. Dimmer switches are a great idea, as they will allow you to raise or lower the light levels to suit your requirements.

Walls and Floors

When it comes to the walls, you can avoid using expensive drapes and curtains, by using dark matt finish paint, as this will help to reduce glare. A nice dark burgundy colour is one of the more popular choices, as it a warm and inviting colour. The same goes for the flooring, and dark carpeting is a must.


As far as seating goes, then it really is a matter of taste and personal preference. If you really want to recreate the cinema going experience at home, there are plenty of companies on the internet that will provide and install cinema style seating.

However, as a lot of people know, these are not always the most comfortable of seats, especially for films that last more than a couple of hours. Instead, why not have a number of different seating options, such as one or two comfortable sofas, some beanbag seating for the children and maybe even a couple of reclining chairs.


It is possible to decorate your home theatre without the need to spend large amounts of cash, nevertheless, if you do have the money to spend, the only limit is your imagination and sense of style.

How to Decorate your Garden in 4 Steps


For many homeowners, the garden is a place of tranquility and relaxation, an extension of the home where the great outdoors is made homier and fit for habitation. The garden is a living area that deserves to be beautified just as much as the living room, the better for you to entertain guests under the natural light of the sun, or the cool breeze of the night.

It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? However, getting a garden that does all that requires some work. In the eyes of the homeowner and visitor, much of a garden’s beauty comes from how it’s designed, from its layout, choice of flowers and plants, trees, terraces, to the lawns. This amalgamation can be brought to life by butterflies and birds that are drawn to gardens with thriving growth, and can be further enhanced with right garden décor.

Small Changes, Big Effects

The good news is that even the simplest of garden decorations can make a significant change to your garden’s entire look. The art of garden decoration is about making several small changes that come together to create a dramatic effect on your garden’s appearance—even the most elaborate garden had to start somewhere small.

Here are 4 steps you can take when decorating your garden for the first time.

  1. Plan your concept or theme ahead

When decorating your garden, the last thing you want to do is decorate on the fly, making additions because this piece looks pretty, or because you think a certain set of plants will look good in a corner of your garden. Doing this will only lead you to blowing your decorating budget, not to mention there’s a good chance your garden will have a hodgepodge of décor items—not a pretty sight.

If you want to have a smooth decorating process, think of a motif or concept before you even begin decorating the garden. Your garden decoration motif or theme will serve as a blueprint when choosing different kinds of plants and flowers, deciding between landscapes, and working on other aspects of your garden’s design. If an architect refers to blueprints when building a home, you should also do the same when decorating your garden, that is, if you want to keep your sanity.

  1. Choose the appropriate plants for your garden’s décor

If you’re a novice gardener and don’t know which plants to choose for your garden, it’s a good idea to consult with expert decorators of outdoor spaces for tips on which plant types, especially flowering plants, will fit your garden.

Depending on how you want your garden to look like, you could be looking at using an assortment of plants with varying colors and sizes.

A good rule of thumb is to group your favorite specimens in containers and place them at eye-level for you and your visitors to enjoy. Plants like agaves and senecios, which have unusual shapes, are best placed in separate containers instead of flowerbeds, where they disappear into the foliage.

  1. Make proper use of furnishings and ornaments

Garden furnishings and ornaments should be more than an afterthought in your garden. These items have the ability to guide your garden’s layout, serving as a base for your decisions when deciding how to shape your outdoor space. For instance, a wrought-iron gate, though simple, can be an elegant entrance to a beautiful green world, a fountain at the center of the garden is practically visitors to look into the waters and perhaps make a wish, while lanterns hung on trees can raise your eyes to the treetops, creating a larger sense of space. A bench can also inspire a nap, or an afternoon spent reading your favorite book.

In other words, furnishings and ornaments, when strategically placed, not only look pretty but also have the ability to tell people what to do, whether it’s to look up¸ look here, look down, or stay for a while.

But, as with most things in design, the trick is to find a balance, to not overdo it.

Consider the tables and chairs used in a garden. These furniture pieces should blend with other decorative objects in the garden and not overpower them. What this means is that expensive, all weather pieces may not necessarily be your best option, especially when the subtlety brought about by rush-finished iron dining sets works so much better.

  1. Lighting

Outdoor spaces like gardens can prove to be very romantic after dark, that’s if they’re lit by the right kind of light. When going about the business of lighting your garden, it’s imperative that you consider how lighting affects the appearance of your plants, furniture, and even garden stones at night.

Even the most manicured gardens can look terrible when cast under an unflattering glow.

You don’t have to be a professional to choose lamps for your garden—all it takes is research on your part. LED lamps have grown to be a garden favorite because they generate a bright light, and consume very little electricity. It doesn’t hurt either that they come in a wide variety of colors or color temperatures.

Brandon Imhoff is the owner of Premier Lawn Care Company. He loves to share his thoughts on lawn and landscaping.


How to decorate your game room

game room

Decorating a game room can be an important part of the overall game room effect, however it can be complicated. Often times, men feel that they may not be able to make a game room look great or posh in their home because of their lack of decorating knowledge or experience. However, this process can be quite simple when you keep in-mind the hints below.

Use all of these to help you when you are wondering how to decorate your game room and the final product will be fantastic.

Planning Ahead

Before you start, think about what furniture items, games, and more you want in your game room. Do you want dart? Billiards? A card table? Or perhaps you have something very special in-mind, like a pinball machine. Do you want a bar? Furniture? A television? How about video games? Make a list.

Then, you will want to take measurements of all these items, as well as the space. Be sure that everything you would like will fit within the space. You will also want to consider how much room each game takes to play when planning ahead.

Develop a Theme

Next, think about a theme you love. Are you a history buff? A film nut? A football enthusiast? A comic book guy? Develop a theme that uses bright, contrasting colours, or that allows you to really show you love for one particular pastime or hobby. Purchase paint colours, decorations, and more that tie into your overall theme.

Think about how you will organize the space. What things do you want to hang where? The things that you love the most, or are most proud of, you should display in areas where they are more easily seen by everyone.

Take Control of Your Space

Let’s face it: a game room is your space to enjoy as a guy. It is a place for you to express yourself in even the décor, have fun with colours, display your awards, show-off the pieces of your collection that you love the most, and just to be yourself with your friends and family. No matter what overarching theme or style you choose, be sure to make it your own.

Ownership of your game room will make it seem much more uniquely you, and will make it seem much cooler when you reveal the finished product to everyone. Feel free to keep adding on, changing things, and rearranging things as time goes by to keep it fresh.

Bathroom designs for couples

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

So you and your significant other have finally made the decision to move in together, congratulations!  Now you’ve found a home you love in the UK and your offer has been accepted, all that is left to do is move in and perhaps make some minor  improvements to your new home ,one of these improvements might be re-designing your bathroom.

When people move into a new home one of the things they usually like to replace/change, is the bathroom, not only to make it personal to their own tastes, but also because the idea of using someone else’s bathroom is off-putting to some people, they would rather install a new bathroom that is theirs and has never belonged to another person.

When designing your new bathroom your needs will very much dictate to you how you will design your bathroom and what you would like to be included in your bathroom. A bathroom designed for family use is going to be much simpler and much more standard, however, designing a bathroom for a couple can be more innovative and fresh.

If you are designing a bathroom for you and your partner, here are some things you might want to consider adding to the standard bathroom suite you usually see:

  • Most bathrooms have a shower these days, taking a shower is more popular than taking a bath nowadays, for a bathroom for a couple why not consider adding a shower big enough for both of you to use at the same time. It may add some romance to your bathroom.
  • As an alternative, or an addition, to the two person shower you and buy, there are also extra-large and/or king-size baths that are specifically designed for couples who like to share a bath and relax together. Imagine  a large bubble bath  surrounded by candles, with rose petals floating on the surface of the water.
  • If you do not have a very strict budget, or simply feel like treating yourself, why not think about buying a whirlpool bath, Jacuzzi or hot tub instead of the standard bath or double sized bath. Not only are these big enough for more than one person to get in at any one time, but they also provide a bit of luxury and romance into your new couples bathroom.  Further to this, you can host some fantastic hot tub parties.
  •  If your bathroom is a decent size, why not consider having couple basins, i.e. two sinks, one for each person.  This will allow you to do more things together, such as getting ready in the morning, but without getting in each-others way and arguing over who gets to use the mirror or brush their teeth first.
  • When you purchase your new bathroom suite, give some thought to the amount of storage that you will get from the furniture you are buying, remember that you will have things like that may want to keep in the bathroom (such as cleaning products, spare toilet rolls, etc), as well as needing enough storage for two people and all their bathroom products/medications etc.
  • Think about fixtures and fittings, for example, are you and your partner going to be using separate towels? If so then you will need to have two towel racks (or heated towel rails), one for each person, and if your accessories matching are important to you, then you will need to buy some towels that not only match with the bathroom décor but also match one another.
  • To make your bathroom really stand out and give it that magical touch, why not think about adding something like a fish tank.  Something that is relaxing and has the wow factor would be ideal for the bathroom, not to mention it will make the room much more romantic.
  • Will you be adding any entertainment into your bathroom?  Putting televisions and/or stereos into bathrooms is becoming very popular, especially with couples or families where the parents have an en-suite. Imagine sitting in your hot tub, or extra-large bath with your partner and romantic music playing in the background, or your favourite television show on the television…you may never leave the bathroom again!  If you do decide to add a television or any other electrical item, into your bathroom, consider whether it is likely to be damaged by humidity and bear this in mind when you place it in your bathroom. It may be an idea to add anything electrical close to extractor fans or windows that can be opened to allow the humidity to escape.
  • Consider how you want to decorate the bathroom, make sure you decorate the bathroom to both of your tastes so that you both can enjoy the ambience of the room.  Think about designing your bathroom with a theme in mind, for example, some people design their bathroom like the bathroom of a fancy hotel suite, so that every time they use their bathroom it feels like they are on holiday.
  • If you and your partner haven’t been together long, or one of your still likes your privacy when on the lavatory, you could consider buying a small room partition, so that when someone is on the loo their other half can still use the bathroom without encroaching completely on the privacy of their partner.

When it comes to designing or re-designing your bathroom, there are no rights or wrongs, you can design the bathroom however you choose and with whatever bathroom furniture you would like, if you don’t like or want a bath, you don’t have to include one in your bathroom design.  Be adventurous, add something special and unique to your bathroom to make it personal to your tastes, remember, you might not always have a bathroom that is solely for the use of you and your partner (especially if you are planning on starting a family), so indulge in a bit of luxury now while you can.

Redesigning your bathroom will probably be too much for a DIY project, if you have the budget you should consider using a professional interior design service.

About the author: Izzy Evans, 20 years old student, interior design enthusiast and blogger.

Ways to Expand Your Living Space

Garden Furniture3When it comes to refurbishment, many may be concerned with trying to create more living space for playing, entertaining, or just going about your daily business. Here, we will look at refurbishment ideas that are a bit outside of the box, but can still get you much more valuable living space, both inside your home, as well as within and on your property.

This can give you more room to expand, could potentially add more value to your home, or could up the appeal for future potential buyers.

Patios, Gardens, and More

When it comes to expanding your living space, sometimes you do not have to look any further than just outside your back (or front) door. Transform your patio into a living and entertainment area by adding more furniture, an awning, screening your patio in, or placing more amenities (like a grill or heater) outside.

Gardens can also be transformed into similar entertaining spaces, whether in your backyard or front yard. A fire pit, benches, outdoor furniture, tables and chairs, cooking areas, pools or spas can all expand your living space. Simply keep in mind your overall budget, as well as your needs.


Believe it or not, a shed, once refurbished, (or even built) can be a great place to give you more space to live. You can transform a shed into a play area, a home office, workshop, a game room, a kitchen, a guest room, rental space, or nearly anything else.

All you have to do is be sure that your shed is up to local building codes, is properly insulated, can be wired safely, can be either heated or cooled (based on your needs), and is a comfortable size for the use that you would like to put it to.

Use What You Already Have

There are plenty of ways to refurbish the inside of your home itself to give you more living room. One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways is to put in more shelving or cabinetry into your home. In this way, you can reorganize your home to better take advantage of the rooms that you already have that may currently be too cluttered.

Part of the organization process should always be prioritizing the belongings that you are looking to reorganize, and donating or selling any items that you no longer need or use. Downsizing is always good.

How to Pick the Right Furniture for Your House

Quality London Decorators

Quality London Decorators

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be a daunting task. However, there are a few tips that you can follow to be more likely to choose the right furniture for your home.

If you follow these tips carefully, you can more easily choose furniture that will last you for years, fit perfectly in your space, serve your needs, and more.

Plan Ahead and Look for Quality

Take measurements of both the room(s) you are buying furniture for, as well as any furniture pieces you are thinking of purchasing. Be sure that all the pieces that you want in one space will fit there. When you are in the store, be sure to inspect the fabric and/or frame of all the furniture you would like to buy for strength, quality, and comfort.

If a piece seems too flimsy, or not well constructed, do not buy it, even if it seems a bargain, or is a piece you love. Choosing budget furniture may seem like a good idea initially, but it could easily fail, be uncomfortable, or not last you as long as a quality piece would.

Match Styles and Themes

Think about the overall style of your home. Do you have a particular theme in the room you are purchasing furniture for? If so, keep this in mind while you are shopping. Be sure you know what style of furniture you would like in your room, or even throughout your home. Is the look more modern, traditional, classic, casual, or contemporary?

You may also want to consider other types of woods and/or finishes that you have throughout your home, or in the particular room that you are shopping for. Mix and match these depending upon the feel you are going for.

Buy Practical Items Only

Sure, that strangely shaped chair may seem really neat, or serve as a great conversation piece, but is it practical? Will guests think it is comfortable, or will they not know what to make of it? Can you even use it practically yourself?

If you do not think that the furniture you are considering buying can be used on a regular basis and by everyone entering your home, you may not want to actually purchase it.

Instead, buy pieces that everyone can use, that will suit all your needs, and that will fit into your décor perfectly.

Choosing Paving Materials For Your Garden

There are two important decisions to make when it comes to building a garden – the design and choosing paving materials. Why? Because these are permanent and it costs a big amount of money to change. Unlike deciding what plants to have and other fixtures, they can’t be replaced easily.

The garden’s paving materials can also change the over-all look of your garden. More than accentuating, they can bear the general theme of your outdoor space. Deciding on what materials to use can be fun but with different choices, it can be overwhelming especially if you are on a DIY gardening project.

Most homeowners will be astounded with the number of materials available. They are basically grouped into two kinds – quarried stones and composite materials. To help you out, here are some tips on how to choose your garden’s paving materials.

Check your style

Your material of choice should go with your garden’s style. Stones and bricks are great for traditional styles while slate, sandstone and granite are for contemporary looks.


Paving materials come in different colors and cut in different shapes. However, some are not available in certain areas especially those who want specific materials to make their garden unique and exquisite.

Budget and Cost

Most homeowners put this on top of their list. And it should be. When checking materials, always look for the cost and match it with your budget for your gardening project.

Cost covers the price of the materials upon purchase and how much you will be paying for installation. Some materials are affordable like gravel while granite and limestone have higher price tag but proven for their durability.


The varied available colors for your chosen material can both highlight or be the focal of your garden’s design. However, choosing the color, consider the effects of rain and sun. Some materials come in different colors but when it is wet, it changes to something that you might not like.

Durability and safety

Your garden may be spacious or can be a small nook in your outdoor space. When shopping for paving materials, identify where you will be placing them in your garden. For areas with much foot traffic, you must choose the strong ones like granite.  It is also helpful to know if the material is slippery when it’s wet for safety purposes.

Weigh in advantages and disadvantages

This will sum up everything when it comes to deciding what materials to use for your garden. Pick 3 kinds that you like and assess their pros and cons of each garden paving material.  Materials differ when it comes to availability, color ranges, cost, difficulty in working and durability. With this method, it makes it easier to decide what paving material to use for your garden.

Paving choices for your garden can create big impact and it starts with having the right material. Whether you use stone, gravel, granite and limestone, match the style and function to fully enjoy your garden.

Make use of emergency sofa beds for small houses

dcleb_asfuAs living spaces continue to become more and more limited as a result of the attraction of modern life, homeowners are in search of simple means to make the most of any limited space without negatively affecting the house design and convenience. In this regard, a sofa bed represents the perfect versatile furniture for city living. During the daytime, it acts a regular sofa, suitable for TV watching and hanging out. As nighttime beckons, it transforms into a warm and comfortable sleeping space for you and your guests who are sleeping over.

It is essential to have a sofa that functions as both a sofa and a bed. The market has a wide range of sofa beds to choose from. Consumers have a range of options from size to color, design and fabric. The initial idea of converting furniture has often received condemnations as uncomfortable, unsightly and inconvenient to most of the users. However, in present times, a new generation of sofa beds is proving wrong that perception with design and amazing functionality.

So what are the merits of opting for sofa beds?

Simple elegance

Sofa beds featuring a fold down back appear somewhat minimalist. Their backs can simply fold down flat to provide a simple and cozy sofa bed. They provide a simple, contemporary strategy to furnishing. They possess a luxurious look without the hefty price tag. They combine both outstanding functionality and simple modern design. They can transform any space into an extraordinary living space.

Added extras

A sofa bed ought to be comfy to sit on. It is important to have a comfortable mattress preferably sprung as it offers impressive support. A sprung mattress offers three times as many springs as a normal mattress. What’s more, this type of sofa smartly converts into two single beds to create one large king size bed.


Homeowners want superior quality sofa beds that can be used on a daily basis. They can find sofa beds featuring wooden slats for improved comfort and support. Daydreaming is a norm when relaxing comfortably on these sofas.

Extra bedroom space

Sofa beds are life savers for small houses that may be expecting sleepover guests. Homeowners may be troubled with the thought of where their guests will sleep during the night. However, with sofa beds, you are assured of extra bedroom space. The sofa transforms into a bed. How remarkable. Indeed, they are lifesavers in such abrupt situations.

Urbane life

What makes sofa beds ideal for city living? Do you have limited space? They can convert from a sofa to bed and vice-versa depending and save you valuable space. If you live in a single room flat, you can still have your friends over for a sleepover.

Practical approach

You have playful children and pets? You can find sofa beds with removable and washable covers and they come in a variety of bright and neutral colors. So no more concerns as regards food spills.

Unlike past years, the new emergency sofa beds will not break your back or even your bank.

Roman Sahakov writes for SofaSofa about the importance of the right use of armchairs, footstools, and sofas. He loves helping people to find out exactly what they need around their homes to feel comfortable!

How to Re-use Old Doors

If you’re getting a door at home replaced, then don’t assume the old door you’re disposing of has ended its life cycle. Old doors can be re-used in a multitude of ways to make new and interesting additions to the home. Here are ten inspiring ideas that involve repurposing old doors.


If you have a creative streak, then exploit it by repurposing an old door into a work of art, which you can either hang on a wall or place against the wall. Take out the glass panels or refashion them into arty pieces, either by painting a picture or attaching photos or favourite images to it.

Bed frame

It might take a bit of time and a certain amount of DIY know-how, but you could take once-loved doors to refashion them into a bed frame and headboard. Make sure the doors are of good quality, solid wood, and you’ll need strong screws to attach the doors together to form the frame.


Transform a pre-used door into a unique bookshelf. Paint the door in vibrant colours and attach shelves to it, at intervals. Hang the door to the wall so that it is supported.

Storage chest

If you need extra storage at home then take an old door, cut it into six sections and repurpose it into a handy storage chest. You can use the original hinges. Paint the chest, if desired.

Bedroom mirror

A vintage door can be a really decorative feature, so it would seem such a shame to send it to a salvage yard once it has served a purpose. Instead, make a bedroom mirror feature out of the door.

Room divider

If you need to section off an area of a room at home, then use a few of your old doors and attach them together to make an eye-catching room divider. Feel free to paint the doors or decorate them to complement the rest of the room.

Stool or bench

You can make a handy stool or bench out of an old door. Cut sections from the door and screw them together.

Kitchen table

If you need a new kitchen table, then don’t head out to your nearest homes store to buy one. Make one yourself with an old door. It’s pretty simple to do. You just need to get some legs and firmly attach them to the underside of the door.


Refashion an old door into a handy chalkboard using chalkboard paint, so that it can be used to make notes as useful reminders or as a place for the kids to scribble on.

Garden feature

Don’t just assume that you need to think of ways to repurpose old doors for use inside the house. They make for great garden features, and you can use them in a number of ways. Whether you use the door to make a seat or outdoor table or, if you fancy a challenge, then consider making an intriguing pergola or archway feature. Attach hooks so that you can hang flowering baskets or allow plants to climb over it.

This article was written by the team at Vivid Doors.