How to arrange a guest bathroom

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If your house has more than one bathroom you may experience only using one, venturing into the second or third bathroom if the main family bathroom is occupied.

Often just a few steps away from a guest bedroom or under the stairs as a cloakroom, the guest bathroom is supremely versatile due to its location and the fact that it is nearly always accessible thanks to the family bathroom taking centre stage.

Of course, the primary function of the guest bathroom is in the name, it is designed to be used by your guests, so the styling and features in the guest suite can differ slightly from your main bathroom.

The guest bathroom suite should still incorporate styling that trends throughout the house, but the features within the suite don’t have to mimic the same functionality of the family bathroom, as more often then not, the suite will be left untouched for some time and probably more compact then the main bathroom.

The styling, features and functionality in the guest suite define it as an individual space in its own right, blurring the lines between being a room full of character and supreme accessibility.


guest_bathrromWhen designing a guest bathroom, the styling is one of the first concepts to consider as you want the suite to ooze its own individual appeal but still remain in trend with the overall theme of your home.

Firstly, take into consideration your home’s styling. If your home captures quintessential Victorian artistry throughout, then filling your guest bathroom (or any bathroom for that matter) with minimalist modern chic will look massively out of place.

Many bathroom brands offer both traditional and contemporary styles, with ranges that offer sleek modern designs as well as the high splashbacks, high cisterns and freestanding baths associated with classic styling.

Heritage is a perfect example of a brand which offers sumptuous looks in both styles, a fantastic choice when browsing versatile ranges for a guest bathroom suite, especially with its wealth of more compact cloakroom suites.

You don’t have to be an expert in interior design to arrange your guest bathroom suite in a way that suits your home, but a glimpse of some of what top brands such as Heritage have on offer can inspire your design.


guest bathroom 3The features within a guest bathroom depend on a couple of different factors, the size of the suite and how often it is used.

When developing a guest bathroom, you could effectively just be filling an empty space, a room that would remain unused if not changed otherwise; possibly a bathroom that isn’t necessarily needed in the grand scheme of your home development.

With this in mind, you have to consider how much use the likes of a freestanding bath in a guest bathroom will actually have or whether adding a whirlpool system is economical.

Seldom used it’s best to keep your guest bathroom as simple as possible, complimenting the space with just the essentials to make for supreme practicality.

If you are working with a small space then there are several concepts that will make the most out of the space available.

Utilising the benefits of a wall hung basin or wall hung toilet does wonders for maximising the floor space in your installation, as well as providing you with the essentials needed to make your guests feel comfortable.

If you have more space available then a great way to add even more convenience to your guest bathroom suite is adding a shower installation.

A quadrant shower enclosure makes good use of the space available with a design that curves stylishly around the corner of your suite, allowing for a premium showering experience without costing you much needed floor space, perfect for making your guests feel comfortable, especially when they’re staying for a few days.

A rarity in the guest bathroom is a full sized bath but adding a bath can be a lustrous compliment if you have a large family that needs two equally functional bathroom suites (if your guest bathroom will get a lot of use).

If your guest bathroom has the space to fit a small bath installation then the market is packed with compact solutions which can be squeezed into a suite without compromising too much space.

Utilising the space saving qualities of a corner bath is ideal for more awkwardly shaped and smaller suites, delivering a generous bathing space that is as versatile as it is practical, giving your guests that added luxury.


We’ve covered the features now lets move onto the general functionality of the guest bathroom suite.

Remember, as a rule the guest bathroom will rarely be used, so it’s a suite which can remain pristine with your choice of towels, accessories and bath products.

Often used only for guests, it’s a nice touch to make sure the bathroom has enough hand towels, bath towels, brand new toothbrushes etc available for when your in laws pay you a surprise visit, so making sure your guest bathroom is ready and waiting for use is a one off task that will pay dividends in the long run, unlike your main suite which constantly has to be updated with toilet rolls and clean towels.

Treat your guest bathroom how you would like the bathroom to be in a good hotel, ready to be used immediately with all the functionality of your bathroom at home without having to ask for a towel or any other bathroom essential.

With a functional use of the space available, comfortable and stylish features, a wealth of fundamental bathroom products and spot of dry lavender here and there you can develop your guest bathroom into the ultimate alternative haven, providing your guests with all the creature comforts they need…and stay away from the chaotic reality of your family bathroom!

Author: Ezzy Evans, 20 years old blogger and interior design enthusiast. Izzy is now working on her new project, a brand new blog for Bathroom City.