Best Apps for Interior Design

If you’re the sort of person who finds it almost impossible to match your wall colour with fabric, or choose a new paint shade for your kitchen, then help is at hand. A few years ago, your only options were to get guidance from more artistically inclined friends, or to draft in the (often expensive) services of a professional interior designer. Now with the advent of smartphone technology, anyone with mobile can download an app quickly which will turn them into the next Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen with just a few swipes of the screen.


One of the most downloaded in the design category, and it has regularly been praised in the press. Basically just a huge collection of images related to interior design, so if you love having a nosey round show homes or watching makeover programmes on TV, this is the app for you. Save your favourite photographs to a digital ideas book to refer to at a later date when planning your next bedroom makeover. It also helps when looking at furniture from brands like Kettle Interiors, as you have already seen how the different styles work in various types of rooms, and can narrow the choice to what you really like.

Interior Floor Planning

Another great app is the not particularly well-named ‘Home Design DIY Interior Floor Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool’. This is a great app which helps you see exactly how furniture will fit into your rooms. Measure the dimensions of your walls, input them into the app and it will generate a floor plan of your room. Add items of furniture, move them around, take pictures of your own curtains, floor and walls to make a true to life replica of a room in your home. Great when buying new furniture; simply upload a picture of the bed or table you’re considering buying and you can instantly see how it would look.


The ColourSnap app is designed to help you with choosing new colour schemes when redecorating your home. It will convert any real life colour into a paint brand, so for example if you want to paint your bathroom exactly the same colour as your favourite shirt, just take a picture of it and the app will do the rest. It will also suggest other colours which will complement and contrast with your uploaded shade, allowing you to design a whole new look very quickly and easily.


Although it’s not really an interior design app, Pinterest is the latest social networking phenomenon and allows you to create an online pin board of things which inspire you. You can share pinned items with online friends, and browse through other people’s pinned items for ideas about soft furnishings, current offers in the shops, craft projects or what paint shades to use. [divider]

Budgeting when designing any interior space is all important. Saving money on a designer or consultant’s time shouldn’t be the end of your efforts to stick to a budget. Finding stylish features from reclamation yards to incorporate, and shopping for great value furniture online from retailers such as National Furniture are other great ways to make your pennies go further when designing a new living space.