Apartment Interior Decoration for Rental Properties

Painting and Decorating a Kitchen

If you rent a property, it doesn’t mean you’re completely limited by the interior design of the place you rent. Your house should be your home, whether you own it or not. Unfortunately, not that many people know how to make the most of their rental property’s interior decoration and can be too frightened to make any change in fear of breaking the rental agreement contract or losing some of their deposit. To help with this, here is some advice on achieving the interior design you want if your property is a rental, without losing out on your deposit.

Ask your landlord about improvements

If you’re renting a place but don’t think the wall paper matches the carpet, or you believe the curtains need updating, don’t be afraid to ask your landlord about making improvements. Chances are, if your suggestions would improve the look, feel and desirability of their property, they may be happy to make these changes.

In many cases you may be able to suggest these changes to the landlord, and they’ll be happy to step in and hire some workmen to come in and do the works. Sometimes though, landlords wouldn’t mind buying the paint for their tenants, and then allowing them to paint it themselves as it can save the landlord money.

Don’t be afraid to hang up pictures or shelves

Adding pictures to your walls can make a world of difference to your property. It can breathe life into your rental home and can add light and space if you hang up mirrors. Shelves can also be useful and adds a lot more space as it adds much needed storage.

Drilling holes into walls isn’t permanent, it doesn’t take much to fill up a hole you’ve made from a nail or screw with a bit of wall filler and plaster. The amount of work it takes to refill a hole at the end of your tenancy is little enough to make hanging your very own pictures on the walls worthwhile. If you are unsure your landlord would allow this, ask them.

Think about the furniture

If you rent an unfurnished property, you can put your stamp on your rental property with your own furniture. Renting a property with furniture in it already can be much more limiting to your apartment interior design, unless of course it’s at a good quality and fits your style.

If you can’t afford your own furniture but you don’t want to rent a property which is furnished with dated and worn furniture, you can look into renting your furniture as well. By renting furniture, you can ensure it fits your personal taste and style, as well as arriving in a good quality at a more affordable price to buying your own.

As buying your own furniture is quite a commitment, with renting it means once your tenancy is up, you can return the furniture back to the furniture rental company your hired it from and move on to your next property. This can be particularly good if you’re from overseas and don’t plan on taking your furniture back with you.