9 Essential Living Room Accessories

There is no single definition of “living room”. Here in London, but also all over the world, “living room” means many things. It can be the place to play cards with your family, the room where you watch cricket matches, the show room to impress your best friends and many other things. Everybody gives his own living room a specific purpose. No matter what this is, decorating it is never easy… for professional decorators too! Why? Because you have too much freedom and you may end up adding useless items.

Living Room Accessories

That is why you need some basic tips about the best accessories around. There are so many things that selecting only ten was quite hard. Your living room is a temple which deserves attention and care. Have a look at these accessories and pick the things that suit your house the best. Our decorators in London can help you in the process, but the final decision is up to you.

The clock

Interior Decorators LondonWhat time does the movie begin? What time does Anna arrive? A clock is an essential ingredient of a successful living room.

But it’s better to be original and have an unconventional one: unusual shapes and colours make it beautiful and useful at the same time. [divider]

A good rug

Decorators in LondonA rug can breathe new air into the room: with a mix of colours can totally change the perception of visitors and add a bit of style too. [divider]

Comfy throw pillows

London Decorators Accessories

Throw pillows are a nice add to your sofa. They can literally transform the look of it with the right mix of colours and styles.

However, do not focus too much on the way they look! They should be comfortable too. [divider]


London Decorating Mirror“Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Even if you don’t like fairy tales, a mirror is an essential component of a nice living room.

You can find mirrors of every size and colour: make it a good match with other accessories. [divider]


Living Room Decorators LondonWomen love flowers, so if you plan to impress them this accessory is a real must. Learn about the secret language of flowers to express what you want to say effectively. [divider]


Decorating Living Room ArtPlease, don’t try to look an art expert if you don’t know the first thing about it!

It’s unlikely you can afford a Picasso, but try not to spend too much just to impress people. [divider]

Display bowls

Interior Decorators Central LondonMany people are using all sorts of bowls to fill the empty spaces in living rooms.

They are easy to place and can also be very useful! [divider]


You are going to have drinks with your friends aren’t you?

A nice set of coasters is very decorative if placed in the right position. [divider]


Living RoomWhat!? You didn’t pick a single book since you graduated?

It’s time to add some culture and inspiration to your living room. [divider]