7 Decorating Tips For A Stress-Free Home

The choices of decoration you make can help you sleep better, have a better mood and be less stressed. This is a good reason for giving your house some low-cost redecoration. In order to make your house stress-free, follow the 7 easy decorating tips below.

In the entryway

1. Create a beautiful focal point

What you see first when entering your houses should be something that you like whether it is a special souvenir or an amazing piece of art.

2. Organize the daily refuse

You will not think of relaxation when you see old newspapers lying on the floor waiting to be disposed. Roberts adds that those who want to come to your home are likely to assume that the inside is more messy and dirty. Paige Rien, an interior designer in New Jersey recommends that you have a specified place for all the items that go in and out of your home.

In the living room

3. Make your living room feel larger

Rien states that our anxiety tends to build in small spaces if there are a lot of items. In order to make your living room feel larger, reduce the stuff in it, find out if you need all the pictures frames or end tables and remove what you consider nonessential. The walls of smaller rooms can be painted in a light color or white as it tends to make them feel more spacious.

4. Make your color scheme simple

Carefully select patterns and avoid loud colors. In case you mix several patterns, ensure that their color schemes match. If you like several colors let the patterns be few. Dr. Morris , a Maryland psychologist specializing in making over people’s work and home environments , says that it will be difficult to relax if you have high-contrast patterns or too many colors in your living rooms since your eyes will be drawn all over the room . On the other hand, simple designs and colors are more relaxing.

5. Bring your outdoors in

A study by a university of Rochester found that when one is surrounded by natural elements, it is likely that their interactions with others will be friendlier. Bring in several houseplants or maximize outdoor vintage points by hanging a mirror across from the largest window in the room so that your home is more peaceful. You can hang landscape photographs on the walls if the view includes fewer trees than buildings.

In the bedroom

6. Remove or switch off electronics

In order to relax easier, remove all the computers and televisions from your bedroom. These devices emit light which signals your brain to stay awake which in turn prevents you from having a good sleep and leaves you with high stress hormone levels in the morning. Rien recommends putting a screen between the bed and the computer and placing the TV in a cabinet if you must have them in the bedroom.

7. Use relaxing designs and colors

According to Leatrice Eiseman , a color expert , we generally find blue and green cool shades and neutral earth tones to be soothing since they keep reminding us of nature .You can add several accessories in calming colors like a quilt , lamp shades or throw pillows if you still don’t want to try out new paint .

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